May's 30X30 Nature Challenge

A huge part of health and heal­ing is get­ting con­nec­ted to our true envir­on­ment. Not the envir­on­ment we cre­ate for ourselves inside, but being with nature.

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Reading for the Self (Soul)

What I’m read­ing right now: The Fear Cure — Lissa Rankin MD Fabulous tools for under­stand­ing what and why we might be hold­ing ourselves back, know­ing the dif­fer­ence between real fear and false fears that we cre­ate!

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Food allergy relief with herbal medicine!

I had to share this art­icle with you because it’s excit­ing to finally see stud­ies look­ing at the wis­dom of herb­al medi­cine for com­mon health issues, and this art­icle looks at food allergy relief, one

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Releasing my coffee addiction - a reflection

Has every­one recovered from adjust­ing their clocks for day­light sav­ings? I know I finally have…because that day was the day we decided in our house to release our depend­ence on coffee…cold tur­key. But why you ask? I can

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Freedom from Depression by Dr James S Gordon

Essential Practices for Lasting Freedom from Depression The true source of heal­ing from depres­sion comes from with­in-not from doc­tors or med­ic­a­tions. Yet when depres­sion drains away our vital­ity and will, how can we find the

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The Importance of Play

So much of our health takes into account what we eat, how we rest, how we think and how to modi­fy it. It’s all very ser­i­ous busi­ness, the busi­ness of liv­ing. However, we as adults

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Snowy Sunset
Mental Health

You are a Soul that Deserves Love

Reflections on Let’s Talk Day for Mental Health It’s so chal­len­ging for us to be human, in this body and mind that we both cre­ate (our beha­viours and his­tory) and inher­it (genet­ic­ally). Our com­munit­ies at

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