Finding your zen can sometimes mean creating it

Yesterday was the first day in my new office.

345 Lakeshore Rd, Suite 212 Oakville ON
My new office!

It’s been a dream of mine to have my own office and my own space since I star­ted prac­ti­cing natur­o­pathy six years ago.

The first few years as a prac­ti­cing natur­o­path are ardu­ous, with long hours and a huge learn­ing curve. Learning how to apply what you know, how to work with people, and ulti­mately there is a huge amount of growth that you must do per­son­ally and professionally.

Interestingly in that time, most of my growth was about being a bet­ter doc­tor and a bet­ter per­son, but in the pro­cess of that growth, I had for­got­ten about one of the most import­ant things which was: what is right for me?

I had been work­ing in many offices with many people which ini­tially I thought was the right decision. I thought I could offer more to patients by being able to refer to oth­er prac­ti­tion­ers who could help them in the areas that I was not trained to do or not as skilled. I met many pro­fes­sion­als and people along the way whom I respect and enjoyed work­ing with, which I will cherish.

What I star­ted real­iz­ing how­ever was my desire to be alone, to be quiet, to become centred. Ultimately, it’s very dif­fi­cult to be centred for an intro­vert like myself in a very busy, bust­ling space with many dif­fer­ent people.

The exact oppos­ite of the kind of envir­on­ments in which I had been working!

Once I real­ized what I needed, of course, the doubt and fear came in. Work alone? By myself? How can I do this? Is this even pos­sible? Will I find the right envir­on­ment? And so on. I felt guilty that per­haps I would be not offer­ing the same ser­vices to my patients. It’s funny, but in a way, I sup­pose I had thought that myself, I was not enough.

Being enough is nev­er a goal to which you must attain, but it is a state of which you are already in!

I know I have heard these words uttered in vari­ous forms in my office, but I had not been tak­ing my own advice.

Once I decided that my needs were para­mount for good health care, if not the most import­ant part of being a groun­ded and centred prac­ti­tion­er, well the rest is history.

The one com­ment that every­one has said today is “this space is so calm”.

I could­n’t agree more!

So go out there and do what you alone can offer the world. You have no idea what you can cre­ate when you step out­side your com­fort zone, and how every­one you know is poten­tially wait­ing for you to be your true self.

Dr Aoife
With deep­est grat­it­ude to my sup­port team for their belief and hard work 

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