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Mental Health

Tired? Me too.

The begin­ning of the colder months, less light, more indoors time. More “back to the grind­stone” kind of work­ing.
I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel heavy.

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breathe relaxation
Mental Health

Let's make meditation easier.

Meditation…it’s become a “buzz” word. I hear a lot that people have a hard time relax­ing and med­it­a­tion is appar­ently the best thing to do that. Could

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Herbal Medicine

Are you a supplement junkie?

Take a look in your medi­cine cab­in­et. How many bottles do you have in there for ran­dom vit­am­ins that are sup­posed to make you bet­ter? The

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Mastering Motherhood?

Parenting is a tough job, people. I love my new little man. The love is fierce. But MAN can it be tough. Being a par­ent, and a moth­er

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