Do you know how to recharge?

Happy September everyone! You have survived the first week back to the “regular” schedule. The fall is upon us. I’ve been recharging myself this past summer, and as @katenorthrup would call it, using my Egg Wisdom

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Body-Mind Medicine

Paying attention to the niggle

Do you ever have a feeling about something to find out you are right? But you have no evidence (immediately) to prove it? This week, my funny feeling was about something not being right. Two major things

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Frankincense as YOUR pain saviour

Frankincense was given to Jesus, seen as the saviour of the world in Christianity, on his ‘birth’ (or the date recorded as his birth) as a gift. Frankincense however can also be your saviour this holiday

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anger, self-loathing, shame
Body-Mind Medicine

How to stop being an angry 'ogre'

You’re not an ogre, but you do get frustrated and the feelings overwhelm you. If only there was something you could do to stop feeling angry, right? An intervention? A padded room so you can throw

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My happy place_rested

Tired? Me too.

The beginning of the colder months, less light, more indoors time. More “back to the grindstone” kind of working.
I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel heavy.

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breathe relaxation
Mental Health

Let's make meditation easier.

Meditation. It’s become a “buzz” word. I hear a lot that people have a hard time relaxing and that meditation is apparently the best thing for that. Could be true… but maybe not? And what kinds of meditation?

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Herbal Medicine

Are you a supplement junkie?

Take a look in your medicine cabinet. How many bottles do you have in there for random vitamins that are supposed to make you better? The vitamin clutter quiz What does each of them do? What do they

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The physical toll of empathy: Part 1

Since I was about 8, I knew I was a deeply feeling person. Watching movies like horror movies (yes, I had the unfortunate experience of watching a horror movie at 8) and sad movies I’d think about the characters for hours. Even now,

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Breastfeeding does not a mother make

It’s taken me several months to get the courage to share my feelings on this. This is an emotionally charged topic, and of course, when your own feelings are involved, it’s even more difficult! I was

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Mastering Motherhood

Parenting is a tough job, people. I love my new little man. The love is fierce. But man can it be tough. Being a parent, and a mother is not for the faint-​of-​heart. The role requires much heart. Every single website,

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