Frankincense as YOUR pain saviour

Frankincense was giv­en to Jesus, seen as the saviour of the world in Christianity, on his ‘birth’ (or the date recor­ded as his birth) as a gift. Frankincense how­ever can also be your saviour this holiday

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Panic attacks? How to actually not panic.

We look at treat­ing anxi­ety like a con­di­tion that can go away. We are not wired for pan­ick­ing to go away. Anxiety is here to help. It is here to stay. The chal­lenge is our fear response is very general.

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anger, self-loathing, shame
Body-Mind Medicine

How to stop being an angry 'ogre'

You’re not an ogre, but you do get frus­trated and the feel­ings over­whelm you. If only there was some­thing you could do to stop feel­ing angry, right? An inter­ven­tion? A pad­ded room so you can throw things

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My happy place_rested

Tired? Me too.

The begin­ning of the colder months, less light, more indoors time. More “back to the grind­stone” kind of working.
I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel heavy.

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Avoiding drama for your physical health

I’ll bet you have someone in your life that causes you stress. A per­son who you feel takes too much from you. Someone who you’re giv­ing and giv­ing and giv­ing, with no end in sight. Your friend whom

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breathe relaxation
Mental Health

Let's make meditation easier.

Meditation. It’s become a “buzz” word. I hear a lot that people have a hard time relax­ing and that med­it­a­tion is appar­ently the best thing for that. Could be true… but maybe not? And what kinds of meditation?

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Body-Mind Medicine

How to get back to sanity in 3 simple steps

When we feel over­whelmed, it’s really easy to think that there’s no way out. You’re stuck in a misery of your own mak­ing, or that the chil­dren or fam­ily are dic­tat­ors in a sick plot twist of

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Herbal Medicine

Are you a supplement junkie?

Take a look in your medi­cine cab­in­et. How many bottles do you have in there for ran­dom vit­am­ins that are sup­posed to make you bet­ter? The vit­am­in clut­ter quiz What does each of them do? What do they do

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The physical toll of empathy: Part 1

Since I was about 8, I knew I was a deeply feel­ing per­son. Watching movies like hor­ror movies (yes, I had the unfor­tu­nate exper­i­ence of watch­ing a hor­ror movie at 8) and sad movies I’d think about the char­ac­ters for hours. Even now,

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Breastfeeding does not a mother make

It’s taken me sev­er­al months to get the cour­age to share my feel­ings on this. This is an emo­tion­ally charged top­ic, and of course, when your own feel­ings are involved, it’s even more dif­fi­cult! I was

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Mastering Motherhood

Parenting is a tough job, people. I love my new little man. The love is fierce. But man can it be tough. Being a par­ent, and a moth­er is not for the faint-of-heart. The role requires much heart. Every single website,

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Detox Your Body for the New Year!

The hol­i­day sea­son can be described as a sea­son of glut­tony — we use it as an excuse to eat, drink, and be merry –which in itself is no big deal, but after 3 – 4 weeks of this behaviour,

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Redirection - Accepting Change

This is my last blog post for 2016 before I wel­come a new life in to the world for our fam­ily in 2017. The changes occur­ring in our lives with this new life arriv­ing have not been easy, I’ll

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