Feelings are a speed bump, not a road block: Empathy, Part 2

So in Part 1, we talked about a few things:

  1. Feelings impact the physical body
  2. Some of these feelings have predictable locations in the body, and sometimes they do not
  3. Everyone experiences this to some degree (some more some less, but everyone absolutely does)
  4. These feelings if they are not properly addressed in a conscious way, can add to the burden of illness to which the body can cope with
  5. This is not scientifically measurable, which is a pain in the a$%

Wouldn’t it be great to quantify (objectively measure) how feelings affect your body? It would honestly save everyone so much time and energy.

Until that time, you have to be your own detective. You need to ask yourself:

Are my physical symptoms in any way supported/related to how I might be feeling/coping/thinking about a situation/person in my life?

If the answer is yes, then you must also say to yourself:

This is not always conscious, but I’m going to allow myself support in getting some answers.

And finally…are these feelings mine? Do they belong to me? Am I owning situations/pain that is not mine?

Dealing with the Physical Results of Empathy


  1. Learn about what is yours, and what is not yours
    When you feel angry, where do you feel it in your body? Sadness? Joy? Know your own emotions. Learn to become friends with your emotions, so that they are not so intimidating. They are just alerting you.
  2. What is yours, feel it in a safe way
    Can you allow yourself to feel angry, by just acknowledging it?? Do you have healthy releases for angry (exercise, punching a pillow, venting to a friend, screaming into a pillow)
  3. What is not yours, release it in a safe way
    See above. You know when you’re around a friend that is grieving or really ticked off? Think about how you often can absorb their mood. Then think about how you can choose to not carry it into the rest of your day/week – and do it.
  4. Continue to take care of your body in the best ways you know (which may need help from someone else)
    A healthy body will always allow a release of physical pent-up energy. A bath, a walk outside, vigorous exercise or restorative yoga…nourishing foods…water…do the things that make your body say “Ahhhh”

I leave these tips with you and wish your self-exploration well.

Feelings are present, and should not be feared, but embraced, and released.

To your health!


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