Getting a good night’s sleep

Lack of sleep, or insom­nia, is very com­mon but the reas­ons why people do not sleep are unique to their bod­ies and their lives. The mind-body con­nec­tion is very much alive when sleep­ing is not

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Canada Day survival guide

Canadians have a repu­ta­tion of being “ tame ” — but are we truly ? I have atten­ded many Canada Day parties/​barbecues/​fireworks dis­plays, and I don’t think we are always that com­posed. In fact, I have known many a Canadian to get really excited, and

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I don't have ANY time...

This is a com­mon theme, both behind the closed door in my office and out­side of it. No one seems to “ have time ” to fol­low through with their per­son­al needs or goals, nor to get the

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Itchy itchy scratchy scratchy

My per­son­al pas­sion for natur­o­path­ic medi­cine developed due to my own struggles with atop­ic dermatit­is, or eczema. For those of you who are unfa­mil­i­ar with these terms, atop­ic dermatit­is or eczema is a con­di­tion where the skin

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Just common sense

A patient walks in feel­ing tired. Do they need: A nutri­tion­al check An explor­a­tion of blood work A refer­ral to a psy­cho­lo­gist for their inab­il­ity to deal with stress A good night’s sleep All of the above Answer : e) all of

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