I don't have ANY time...

Time with a Sundial
Sundial (source James Gurtner) 

This is a com­mon theme, both behind the closed door in my office and out­side of it. No one seems to “ have time ” to fol­low through with their per­son­al needs or goals, nor to get the “ me ” time they deserve. We’re exhausted and stressed, and run from one event to the other.

Relaxation also seems like anoth­er item to put on the list of the nev­er-end­ing events, and we can become down-trod­den, won­der­ing what it is all for ( our exper­i­ence in this world ).

Are we are just run­ning around in circles ?

Rather than give you many things to think about, and you feel­ing like a fail­ure because you can­not get them all accom­plished, I’m going to pose a few ques­tions instead :

  1. How many hours of your day are ded­ic­ated to work commitments ?
  2. How many “ extra-cur­ricular ” activ­it­ies in your life are ded­ic­ated to see­ing your fam­ily or friends( social obligations ) ?
  3. What activ­it­ies do you remem­ber par­ti­cip­at­ing in as a child that you enjoyed ?
  4. What things are you truly thank­ful for every day ?

The point of some of the above ques­tions is to stim­u­late a little self-reflec­tion. Are your com­mit­ments that are sup­posed to be fun just drain­ing your ener­gies ? Is most of your week revolving around work ? Balance, or the yin and yang of life should involve some give and take, busy weeks and calmer weeks. Are all of your weeks look­ing the same, and the theme of more being the norm than less ?

The truth is, there nev­er is more time. We have to cut out sec­tions of time for ourselves in our lives by estab­lish­ing both pri­or­it­ies for ourselves and our fam­il­ies that are based on real pri­or­it­ies, and not ima­gined. A real pri­or­ity is our work — but per­haps estab­lish­ing bound­ar­ies as much as pos­sible with when the work day ends is some­thing to start. An ima­gined pri­or­ity is fit­ting in a week­end bar­be­cue every week­end for the entire sum­mer with all 17 mem­bers of your entire fam­ily — ini­tially sounds fun, but ends up being more of a headache.

How do you want your life to look ? Visualizing our real­ity and carving it out takes some ded­ic­a­tion — you are worth it. However, you will have to be the per­son to advoc­ate that for yourself.

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