Redirection - Accepting Change

This is my last blog post for 2016 before I welcome a new life in to the world for our family in 2017. The changes occurring in our lives with this new life arriving have not been easy, I’ll

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A truthful new year

When I sat down to write this first post of 2016, I had a pause. It took me a few days to think about what to say. I see fellow colleagues discussing cleanses or new exercise regimes for 2016, and

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The Mindfulness Summit - and it's free!

This is a quick post, but an important one. This is for anyone who wants to get a hold on how they feel (physically, mentally, and emotionally), have a better relationship with themselves and their loved ones, and

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I never wanted to be a naturopath

Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor. I grew up wanting to help people heal. As a child, I thought that being a medical doctor was the only way to do that. Of course, there are so many other ways

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Embracing an imperfect holiday

The holiday season stirs up a lot of emotion for everyone. Reading an article the other day about the pressures of conformity over this next few weeks, I realized whether you are celebrating Christmas, Kwansaa, Hanukkah, or

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Eczema and the body-mind connection

Most of you know my personal connection to eczema and dermatitis, but this is not a post just about dermatitis! More profound is the body-​mind connection and how they cause physical dysfunction or improve upon it,

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