Eczema and the body-mind connection

Most of you know my per­son­al con­nec­tion to eczema and dermatit­is, but this is not a post just about dermatit­is! More pro­found is the body-mind con­nec­tion and how they cause phys­ic­al dys­func­tion or improve upon it, or how more simply, what we think and feel can cause phys­ic­al reac­tions in our body.

Dr. Aviva Romm, both herb­al­ist and MD, wrote a won­der­ful example in her blog today that is a fab­ulous read on the body and mind in health, and how our hearts (or feel­ings) really do impact our bod­ies. I simply had to share this with all of you.

Courage, as she iden­ti­fies, is the abil­ity to recog­nize the things we really need to change in our lives to achieve our health­i­est selves. I could­n’t agree more. Fabulous food for thought.

Think: are there things your body expresses that your mind might be try­ing to communicate?

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