Eczema and the body-mind connection

Most of you know my personal connection to eczema and dermatitis, but this is not a post just about dermatitis! More profound is the body-mind connection and how they cause physical dysfunction or improve upon it, or how more simply, what we think and feel can cause physical reactions in our body.

Dr. Aviva Romm, both herbalist and MD, wrote a wonderful example in her blog today that is a fabulous read on the body and mind in health, and how our hearts (or feelings) really do impact our bodies.  I simply had to share this with all of you.

Courage, as she identifies, is the ability to recognize the things we really need to change in our lives to achieve our healthiest selves. I couldn’t agree more. Fabulous food for thought.

Think: are there things your body expresses that your mind might be trying to communicate?


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