Reducing inflammation during the holiday season

Christmas seasons are tough on those with chronic inflammatory conditions. Hives, rashes, chronic stuffy or runny noses, sinus infections, sore joints…these are all aggravated by foods that create inflammation. But what does that actually mean?

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Frankincense as YOUR pain saviour

Frankincense was given to Jesus, seen as the saviour of the world in Christianity, on his ‘birth’ (or the date recorded as his birth) as a gift. Frankincense however can also be your saviour this holiday

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3 Ways: Natural Eczema Relief

Winter is approaching, and with it: dry skin. For those of you with eczema or atopic dermatitis, this can be a stressful time because it is hard to know what winter will bring for your skin.

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Eczema and the body-mind connection

Most of you know my personal connection to eczema and dermatitis, but this is not a post just about dermatitis! More profound is the body-​mind connection and how they cause physical dysfunction or improve upon it,

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Eczema: What your dermatologist won't tell you

November is Canada’s national eczema month. EASE is an organization that supports eczema awareness in Canada, and tonight they will be having a discussion about what it means to live with eczema. Unfortunately I cannot attend due to clinic commitments,

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