3 Ways: Natural Eczema Relief

Winter is approach­ing, and with it: dry skin. For those of you with eczema or atop­ic dermatit­is, this can be a stress­ful time because it is hard to know what winter will bring for your skin.

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Eczema and the body-mind connection

Most of you know my per­son­al con­nec­tion to eczema and dermatit­is, but this is not a post just about dermatit­is! More pro­found is the body-mind con­nec­tion and how they cause phys­ic­al dys­func­tion or improve upon it,

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Eczema: What your dermatologist won't tell you

November is Canada’s nation­al eczema month. EASE is an organ­iz­a­tion that sup­ports eczema aware­ness in Canada, and tonight they will be hav­ing a dis­cus­sion about what it means to live with eczema. Unfortunately I can­not attend due to clin­ic com­mit­ments,

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