Redirection - Accepting Change

This is my last blog post for 2016 before I wel­come a new life in to the world for our fam­ily in 2017.

The changes occur­ring in our lives with this new life arriv­ing have not been easy, I’ll admit. I’m a plan­ner and per­fec­tion­ist, and chil­dren (even when wanted and wel­comed) are not beings that can be organ­ized, planned, or put into neat little boxes. They bring joy and chaos into a fam­ily at the same time. The unknown. 

I’ve been hibern­at­ing over the last few months; pre­par­ing myself, my patients, my home for these new changes.

What is right for you will find you without struggle or suf­fer­ing, and if it isn’t right, you are being redir­ec­ted.” ~Alan Cohen

So while change feels chaot­ic, it has found me without struggle. The moment is here, and I am being redir­ec­ted to a new way of being. My mind may not like the unknown, but the unknown is roar­ing in. It is the new way. It may be chal­len­ging or sleep-depriving or body-alter­ing, and not neces­sar­ily easy, but it is com­ing eas­ily.

This is an import­ant les­son for us all in the middle of change!

When we seek well­ness for ourselves on any level, the move­ment towards that new and “right” can indeed feel scary. Even if it means we need to say no more often, eat less sug­ar, head to a new gym class…change is hard. Ultimately, if the changes we seek are meant to give us a more joy­ful life, they will flow towards us. We will be able to make those changes. We will find the sup­port we need. We will meet the people that help us.

As I take a step into my new way of being for 2017, I wish you all on new jour­neys in any dir­ec­tion cour­age and faith, that what is right for you will find you, with ease.

Aoife Earls ND

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