The Mindfulness Summit - and it's free!

This is a quick post, but an import­ant one.

This is for any­one who wants to get a hold on how they feel (phys­ic­ally, men­tally, and emo­tion­ally), have a bet­ter rela­tion­ship with them­selves and their loved ones, and gen­er­ally have a dif­fer­ent way of look­ing at the world. Less react­iv­ity, more under­stand­ing, more open-hearted­ness, and a way to actu­ally access more joy. Pretty awe­some right?

It’s all about being mindful.

Being present with our habits, our unique ways, being present with oth­ers can really bring us out of react­iv­ity and into a dif­fer­ent way of look­ing at the world. Simple enough right? Well, the best things in life don’t exactly come easy…but this can be a lot easi­er because…

For the month of October, there is a FREE (yes, you read it cor­rectly) Mindfulness sum­mit with the major minds in mind­ful­ness work begin­ning online.

Here’s the link for this fab­ulous oppor­tun­ity. You ser­i­ously won’t regret it.

Mindfulness isn’t just a buzz word, it’s life-changing.

To your health!
Dr Aoife

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