The Mindfulness Summit – and it’s free!

This is a quick post, but an important one.

This is for anyone who wants to get a hold on how they feel (physically, mentally, and emotionally), have a better relationship with themselves and their loved ones, and generally have a different way of looking at the world. Less reactivity, more understanding, more open-heartedness, and a way to actually access more joy. Pretty awesome right?

It’s all about being mindful.

Being present with our habits, our unique ways, being present with others can really bring us out of reactivity and into a different way of looking at the world. Simple enough right? Well, the best things in life don’t exactly come easy…but this can be a lot easier because…

For the month of October, there is a FREE (yes, you read it correctly) Mindfulness summit with the major minds in mindfulness work beginning online.

Here’s the link for this fabulous opportunity. You seriously won’t regret it.

Mindfulness isn’t just a buzz word, it’s life-changing.

To your health!
Dr Aoife

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