Healing as a journey: There IS no timeline

We humans are a funny group.

Our desire to under­stand, solve, and con­quer our prob­lems is indeed a highly admir­able quality.

Sometimes how­ever this need to solve an issue gets little more than use­ful when our need to know over­comes us.

When will I be bet­ter? When can I start eat­ing sug­ar again? When will these hot flashes be fin­ished? When is men­o­pause over? When will I become pregnant?

Of course, these ques­tions do not have easy answers. I really wish they did.

This need to know when everything will be “resolved” is in the realm of, well, voo­doo. If I could pre­dict that…I might be in an entirely dif­fer­ent pro­fes­sion :) That would be pretty cool.

Healing is absolutely a process and a journey.

What if you did know the time that you were abso­lutely “well”? Free from pain? Suffering? Would that be use­ful? Would you eat as well as you do now? Would you get enough sleep, or just keep push­ing because you knew it did­n’t really mat­ter any­way? Sometimes the pro­cess teaches you about some­thing in health you need to know and have to learn the hard way. Knowing an end­point would not teach you that kind of wis­dom, would it?

So don’t be sur­prised when you ask me, or any oth­er health professional,
When will I get bet­ter?”, that they might respond:

No plan is a good plan.

There is no timeline.

Healing is a jour­ney, and your pro­cess is unique. And that is okay.

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