Healing as a journey: There IS no timeline

We humans are a funny group.

Our desire to understand, solve, and conquer our problems is indeed a highly admirable quality.

Sometimes however this need to solve an issue gets little more than useful when our need to know overcomes us.

When will I be better? When can I start eating sugar again? When will these hot flashes be finished? When is menopause over? When will I become pregnant?

Of course, these questions do not have easy answers. I really wish they did.

This need to know when everything will be “resolved” is in the realm of, well, voodoo. If I could predict that…I might be in an entirely different profession :) That would be pretty cool.

Healing is absolutely a process and a journey.

What if you did know the time that you were absolutely “well”? Free from pain? Suffering? Would that be useful? Would you eat as well as you do now? Would you get enough sleep, or just keep pushing because you knew it didn’t really matter anyway? Sometimes the process teaches you about something in health you need to know and have to learn the hard way. Knowing an endpoint would not teach you that kind of wisdom, would it?

So don’t be surprised when you ask me, or any other health professional,
When will I get better?”, that they might respond:

No plan is a good plan.

There is no timeline.

Healing is a journey, and your process is unique. And that is okay.

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