A truthful new year

When I sat down to write this first post of 2016, I had a pause. It took me a few days to think about what to say. I see fellow colleagues discussing cleanses or new exercise regimes for 2016, and I understand why they write them. They want to inspire others to be better, to take care of their bodies, and to reach the goals they want to reach. I want that too for my clients and readers of this little blog, however this year it wasn’t in me to be inspiring.

It’s in me to be real, and honest.

In living in the now and being where you are, if your goals are to become and be better, you must indeed accept where you are, acknowledge your weaknesses (and love them as best you can), and move forward.

I have watched many people take on new cleanses, or decide to be vegan, or start a new exercise regime and within a week or two when it gets tough/boring/embarrassing they completely give up. And they begin to whine about it, and blame everyone around them or themselves very harshly.

Let’s take a step back.

Yes, it’s a new year, and it has allowed you to reevaluate your goals. It’s a wonderful thing!

Let’s think big, and boldly, by all means!

Let’s not however, assume that these new and wonderful changes won’t bring challenges of their own. Hardships, and struggle are a part of betterment just as much as anything else.

If your goal is to be in shape, then begin working out. Sweat. Do this many times a week. Be honest that the process will be hard, and humbling and painful and amazing, and that it will require self-discipline and dedication. A hell of a lot of saying no to yourself and others. Also be honest with yourself that in taking on said new regime, you will not look like Jillian Michaels in 3 days. She is an inspiration, and she has shown that it takes dedication and persistence and a heck of a lot of saying no. She is also very honest about that. Things take time to manifest into what you want to achieve.

If you want to change your job, and start to work at making money at the passion you have always had, then you need to start WORKING at that passion and giving it the same attention you give Facebook, Twitter, your obsession with wine and the latest-housewives-of-whatever-show that’s on TV. You need to work your butt off at it and keep working on it to become better at so people will indeed pay you for your passion. Again, it is a lot of dedication and honesty that your first attempts to sell furniture do not look like a table but more like a lopsided chair and you must start again. It will be humbling, but you must be honest and get help in others making you honest about that progress.

If you want to have more fun, you need to start getting out of the house, and off the couch and trying something new. Meet new people. Hate them, or like them. Start a class. As long as you are learning something new, you will indeed have more fun than being where you are right now.

Change comes from action and activity.

It also comes with acknowledgment.

I, for example, have a penchant for wine and chocolate. If I desire to be more toned, then I must let go of the wine and chocolate. I can choose to keep them in my life, but then I must accept the consequences of that also. I am in control, and I have the power to make the decision that put me in one direction, or another. I can also decide that in releasing wine and chocolate that I will not take up additional cardiovascular exercise. But then I must accept that ‘getting toned’ will take far longer, and in fact, may not happen at all.

These are my choices.

My recommendation to myself is to be honest. What do I want?

I direct the same question to you:

What do you really want?

And once you figure it out, then go get it. Be it. Attain it. Change to live it.
A. Earls

And in the words of Yoda for you Star Wars fans,

Do, or do not. There is no try.


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