The allure of "one cure" for your health "problems"

I was approached recently by a com­pany that wanted to intro­duce me to a life-chan­ging product line that they felt I could offer my patients, and com­pletely change the tra­ject­ory of their lives.

Well that sounds a little too good to be true, does­n’t it?

This is not the first nor the last time I will hear such a claim; to enrol in “this fab­ulous course” or meet this “influ­en­tial per­son” to change the lives of my patients or my own life. Wouldn’t it be truly awe­some to think that one thing could com­pletely change the course of your life into liv­ing the life of your dreams?

While it is abso­lutely true that there are many decisions, choices, people, places, and events that can com­pletely change our lives for the bet­ter, I believe with age comes some wis­dom. One thing and one thing alone is nev­er the only answer for our bet­ter­ment or heal­ing jour­ney. As soon as we are intro­duced to said product/​program, indeed, we are changed, and we improve how we think about the world and others.

But from that place of course, we begin again to new oppor­tun­it­ies and dif­fer­ent ways of think­ing. We are always learning.

In health, it’s abso­lutely the same thing. We may begin real­iz­ing that exer­cise is abso­lutely essen­tial for us, but then after awhile the exer­cise we star­ted doing does­n’t sat­is­fy the new per­son we have become, and we real­ize per­haps we should change our diet. And then in improv­ing our diet we real­ize that we have not been really tak­ing care of ourselves and our emo­tion­al health and we decide to deal with all of that old bag­gage we’ve been car­ry­ing around. And after let­ting go of our bag­gage we then real­ize we could use a bet­ter under­stand­ing of how we can man­age our neg­at­ive self-talk and we start med­it­a­tion. And so on.

Hanging our hat (or so to speak) on one meth­od of heal­ing isn’t real­ist­ic, because we are made of a phys­ic­al body, a mind, and a soul. All of those three com­pon­ents inter­act with one anoth­er and they are in a con­stant state of change and flux. They will grow and move and expand, and they will not be the same today as they are tomor­row. There is no guar­an­tee of per­fec­tion, only get­ting closer to the kind of per­son you hope to be, and accept­ing that we are con­tinu­ally learn­ing and grow­ing, which is a beau­ti­ful thing!

So the next time you get an e‑mail or head to Google your health “cures”, keep in mind that no one thing will make you well. Your per­spect­ive on health, growth, and change is what will.

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