Finding your own happiness with The Happiness Project

Finding happiness in this day and age is actually more attainable than you might believe possible. Recently, I picked up a book while on a lunch break intrigued by Gretchen Rubin’s title The Happiness Project, where she explores her own happiness and the ability to change her own life without changing it. Many of us, including Gretchen, would like to be able to run to Italy and Indonesia as in Eat, Pray, Love but either cannot financially afford to do so or have family or work commitments where we are tied to our lives. Plus, living in North America we are as a culture incredibly lucky in many ways and should really be happy, but many of us are not.

What is my preliminary analysis ? It is absolutely fantastic. As readers, Gretchen allows us to live in her head as she goes through the process of creating her Happiness formula with refreshing honesty. It is not only funny but attainable for all of us.The Happiness Project - Gretchen Rubin

For those of you interested in starting this process, I don’t want to ruin it—and I’m also still reading it myself. Also, Gretchen uses quotes we may all have heard at times on life and life experiences that inspire her to change herself and her life because they ring true to her and inspire her to be different. I think out of context they will not sound as they are meant to—very much a part of Gretchen’s process—to develop in her natural direction. Developing in our natural direction, being the people we are supposed to be, is one of the most important and challenging things we can achieve during our lives.

Interestingly enough, I stumbled upon Gretchen’s happiness project while embarking on personal growth exercises of my own. I have been doing a grateful list every morning and evening ( 5 things to be grateful, which is especially useful on Monday mornings ! ) and I’ve found it to be really helpful. I started a blog, the one you are now reading, because I’ve always loved to write, and the creativity and freedom writing has always allowed me to have soothes my soul.

Do you have a need for a Happiness Project ? You will need yourself, a desire for change and challenge, and a desire to finding your best self. Feel the fear, and do it anyway. A little discipline and humour won’t hurt either.

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