Finding your own happiness with The Happiness Project

Finding hap­pi­ness in this day and age is actu­ally more attain­able than you might believe pos­sible. Recently, I picked up a book while on a lunch break intrigued by Gretchen Rubin’s title The Happiness Project, where she explores her own hap­pi­ness and the abil­ity to change her own life without chan­ging it. Many of us, includ­ing Gretchen, would like to be able to run to Italy and Indonesia as in Eat, Pray, Love but either can­not fin­an­cially afford to do so or have fam­ily or work com­mit­ments where we are tied to our lives. Plus, liv­ing in North America we are as a cul­ture incred­ibly lucky in many ways and should really be happy, but many of us are not.

What is my pre­lim­in­ary ana­lys­is ? It is abso­lutely fant­ast­ic. As read­ers, Gretchen allows us to live in her head as she goes through the pro­cess of cre­at­ing her Happiness for­mula with refresh­ing hon­esty. It is not only funny but attain­able for all of us.The Happiness Project - Gretchen Rubin

For those of you inter­ested in start­ing this pro­cess, I don’t want to ruin it — and I’m also still read­ing it myself. Also, Gretchen uses quotes we may all have heard at times on life and life exper­i­ences that inspire her to change her­self and her life because they ring true to her and inspire her to be dif­fer­ent. I think out of con­text they will not sound as they are meant to — very much a part of Gretchen’s pro­cess — to devel­op in her nat­ur­al dir­ec­tion. Developing in our nat­ur­al dir­ec­tion, being the people we are sup­posed to be, is one of the most import­ant and chal­len­ging things we can achieve dur­ing our lives.

Interestingly enough, I stumbled upon Gretchen’s hap­pi­ness pro­ject while embark­ing on per­son­al growth exer­cises of my own. I have been doing a grate­ful list every morn­ing and even­ing ( 5 things to be grate­ful, which is espe­cially use­ful on Monday morn­ings ! ) and I’ve found it to be really help­ful. I star­ted a blog, the one you are now read­ing, because I’ve always loved to write, and the cre­ativ­ity and free­dom writ­ing has always allowed me to have soothes my soul.

Do you have a need for a Happiness Project ? You will need your­self, a desire for change and chal­lenge, and a desire to find­ing your best self. Feel the fear, and do it any­way. A little dis­cip­line and humour won’t hurt either.

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