Canada Day survival guide

Canadians have a repu­ta­tion of being “ tame ” — but are we truly ? I have atten­ded many Canada Day parties/​barbecues/​fireworks dis­plays, and I don’t think we are always that com­posed. In fact, I have known many a Canadian to get really excited, and maybe a little too excited !

So you and your loved ones can prop­erly enjoy Canada Day but not be recov­er­ing over the rest of the week­end from the dam­age it may impart, here are some import­ant rules :

  1. Don’t eat too much
  2. Don’t drink too much
  3. Don’t for­get to put on sunscreen
  4. Don’t for­get about some insect repel­lant
    ( minus chem­ic­als if possible )

If those guidelines are just too much “ don’t ” and you decide to ignore them…

  1. Do stock up on milk thistle, a herb that pro­tects our liv­er cells from dam­age and helps to clean out the junk in the liv­er in case you hap­pen to have one beer or mar­tini too many…
  2. Do take a multi‑B vit­am­in com­plex, as B‑vitamins deplete with excess­ive alco­hol consumption
  3. Do add tur­mer­ic, or curcuma longa to your food as it reduces inflam­ma­tion ( both in the body from dam­age or trauma — like injur­ies while play­ing act­ive sports )
  4. Do take some mag­nesi­um before bed, as it alle­vi­ates muscle cramps, muscle ten­der­ness, and pro­motes sleep
  5. Do rub an oint­ment or cream on ( like Traumeel ) con­tain­ing arnica montana, that is fam­ous for its abil­ity to heal and soothe bumps and bruises
  6. Do eat some fibre—too much bar­be­cued meat and cheese snacks can really slow down our digest­ive tract ! Make sure to include those veg­gies for dip­ping and good old-fash­ioned fibre ( flax seeds, chia seeds, oats )
  7. Do slath­er on some sun­screen

Above all, be safe, don’t drink and drive, and be sure to have fun !

Happy Canada Day !

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