Canada Day survival guide

Canadians have a reputation of being “ tame ”—but are we truly ? I have attended many Canada Day parties/barbecues/fireworks displays, and I don’t think we are always that composed. In fact, I have known many a Canadian to get really excited, and maybe a little too excited !

So you and your loved ones can properly enjoy Canada Day but not be recovering over the rest of the weekend from the damage it may impart, here are some important rules :

  1. Don’t eat too much
  2. Don’t drink too much
  3. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen
  4. Don’t forget about some insect repellant
    ( minus chemicals if possible )

If those guidelines are just too much “ don’t ” and you decide to ignore them…

  1. Do stock up on milk thistle, a herb that protects our liver cells from damage and helps to clean out the junk in the liver in case you happen to have one beer or martini too many…
  2. Do take a multi-B vitamin complex, as B-vitamins deplete with excessive alcohol consumption
  3. Do add turmeric, or curcuma longa to your food as it reduces inflammation ( both in the body from damage or trauma—like injuries while playing active sports )
  4. Do take some magnesium before bed, as it alleviates muscle cramps, muscle tenderness, and promotes sleep
  5. Do rub an ointment or cream on ( like Traumeel ) containing arnica montana, that is famous for its ability to heal and soothe bumps and bruises
  6. Do eat some fibre—too much barbecued meat and cheese snacks can really slow down our digestive tract ! Make sure to include those veggies for dipping and good old-fashioned fibre ( flax seeds, chia seeds, oats )
  7. Do slather on some sunscreen

Above all, be safe, don’t drink and drive, and be sure to have fun !

Happy Canada Day !

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