Reducing inflammation during the holiday season

Christmas seasons are tough on those with chronic inflammatory conditions. Hives, rashes, chronic stuffy or runny noses, sinus infections, sore joints…these are all aggravated by foods that create inflammation. But what does that actually mean?

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Frankincense as YOUR pain saviour

Frankincense was given to Jesus, seen as the saviour of the world in Christianity, on his ‘birth’ (or the date recorded as his birth) as a gift. Frankincense however can also be your saviour this holiday

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Herbal Medicine

Are you a supplement junkie?

Take a look in your medicine cabinet. How many bottles do you have in there for random vitamins that are supposed to make you better? The vitamin clutter quiz What does each of them do? What do they

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Detox Your Body for the New Year!

The holiday season can be described as a season of gluttony — we use it as an excuse to eat, drink, and be merry –which in itself is no big deal, but after 3 – 4 weeks of this behaviour,

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I never wanted to be a naturopath

Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor. I grew up wanting to help people heal. As a child, I thought that being a medical doctor was the only way to do that. Of course, there are so many other ways

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Tough love means you feel better

What happened to the understanding that medicine should not always be convenient or tasty to actually be working? Buckleys’ commercial and the infamous slogan Tastes awful, but it works, was an important part of my

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NMW Day 6: Peeling the layers off

I am in the office on Saturday mornings. I enjoy these mornings often more than the regular week because everyone who comes in the door has chosen to spend some of their precious weekend time on

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NMW Day 2: Cancer prevention

Cancer is something we have inside of us, all of the time. Before you google this statement and begin to panic, it is a simple phenomenon that happens in our bodies when the normal mechanisms for “control”

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