NMW Day 6: Peeling the layers off

I am in the office on Saturday morn­ings. I enjoy these morn­ings often more than the reg­u­lar week because every­one who comes in the door has chosen to spend some of their pre­cious week­end time on them­selves. They are work­ing towards a bet­ter self and they are com­mit­ted to that change. It’s excit­ing. Everyone is more relaxed, and we get to know one anoth­er that little bit more.

Today, I was reminded of how essen­tial natur­o­path­ic medi­cine is towards not just man­age­ment of a health con­di­tion but true treat­ment of chron­ic health concerns.

A major­ity of my prac­tice is spent sup­port­ing those with IBS-like con­di­tions, of which con­ven­tion­al doc­tors do not always have the answers. Truthfully, there is more time and care required to get to the trig­ger or root cause in my office of an indi­vidu­als’ con­di­tion, and a lot of options for treat­ment rather than just one mode of ther­apy. Conventional med­ic­al offices are almost too busy to have the time to address these issues because it involves ask­ing the same ques­tion in a dif­fer­ent man­ner, or with a dif­fer­ent approach, or pos­sibly on dif­fer­ent appoint­ment dates. Sometimes this seems very bor­ing to a patient, until they see the meth­od to your “mad­ness”, that get­ting to the root cause can involve much problem-solving.

Working with a num­ber of spe­cial­ists, I have also been told that they have recom­men­ded their patients come to work with an ND. Why? We have more time. We are inter­ested in solu­tions to prob­lems, and we are will­ing to work at the long-term goal. This is not to sug­gest oth­er prac­ti­tion­ers are not, but to say that peel­ing the lay­ers of a con­di­tion state to reveal the true causes of the dys­func­tion is one of the ten­ants of natur­o­path­ic medi­cine. Find the root cause.

I am pas­sion­ate about find­ing your root cause. Are you patient and pas­sion­ate enough to join me?

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