NMW Day 6: Peeling the layers off

I am in the office on Saturday mornings. I enjoy these mornings often more than the regular week because everyone who comes in the door has chosen to spend some of their precious weekend time on themselves. They are working towards a better self and they are committed to that change. It’s exciting. Everyone is more relaxed, and we get to know one another that little bit more.

Today, I was reminded of how essential naturopathic medicine is towards not just management of a health condition but true treatment of chronic health concerns.

A majority of my practice is spent supporting those with IBS-like conditions, of which conventional doctors do not always have the answers. Truthfully, there is more time and care required to get to the trigger or root cause in my office of an individuals’ condition, and a lot of options for treatment rather than just one mode of therapy. Conventional medical offices are almost too busy to have the time to address these issues because it involves asking the same question in a different manner, or with a different approach, or possibly on different appointment dates. Sometimes this seems very boring to a patient, until they see the method to your “madness”, that getting to the root cause can involve much problem-solving.

Working with a number of specialists, I have also been told that they have recommended their patients come to work with an ND. Why? We have more time. We are interested in solutions to problems, and we are willing to work at the long-term goal. This is not to suggest other practitioners are not, but to say that peeling the layers of a condition state to reveal the true causes of the dysfunction is one of the tenants of naturopathic medicine. Find the root cause.

I am passionate about finding your root cause. Are you patient and passionate enough to join me?


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