NMW Day 5: Menstrual madness supported by Naturopathic Medicine

I treat many women in my prac­tice, in all stages of life from puberty to men­o­pause and through the oth­er side. While we are all sup­posed to be appre­ci­at­ive of our hor­mone cycles, some­times it just sucks to be a woman. (Guys, pay atten­tion for your lovely ladies!). Many times we are told to “suck it up” when we have hor­rendous men­stru­al cramp­ing, intens­ive bleed­ing aka hem­or­ragh­ing monthly, and that we are “moody” and dif­fi­cult to be around when are are pre­men­stru­al. For women exper­i­en­cing men­o­pause and the reduc­tion of the capa­city to men­stru­ate, it is no less con­fus­ing and upset­ting. The men­stru­al cycle can take awhile to ebb and as a res­ult it can be often more intense.

Enter natur­o­path­ic medi­cine. We are priv­ileged to study chinese medi­cine (includ­ing acu­punc­ture and chinese herbs) and herb­al medi­cine that have the capa­city to sta­bil­ize the mood and reg­u­late men­stru­ation as quickly as blink­ing. Truly, the women who have suffered with severe men­stru­al cramp­ing and who are unable to leave the house dur­ing their men­stru­al cycle no longer need to do so, know­ing that there are ways to inter­vene. It’s not just about endur­ing, it can be about improv­ing your qual­ity of life, and also repro­gram­ming some of the key hor­mon­al sig­nalling from the hypo­thal­am­us and pitu­it­ary (brain centres for hor­mon­al instruc­tion and release) to the ovar­ies and uter­us.

You can love your uter­us!

How would you address intense menstrual cramping?

This is a slower pro­cess, but ulti­mately speaks to the bal­an­cing of hor­mones and clean­ing up of the liv­er through­out the month. The liv­er makes all of our hor­mones from cho­les­ter­ol, and is respons­ible for keep­ing hor­mone cyc­ling going smoothly at the dir­ec­tion of the pitu­it­ary, hypo­thal­am­us, and ovar­ies that make things hap­pen. However, in some women, some hor­mones are not released when they should be and there can be some con­flict to put it mildly. In addi­tion to herb­al sup­port for pain, there are herbs that can help to assist with reg­u­la­tion. Long-term suf­fer­ing does not need to occur. Speak with your ND and get relief!

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