Adrenaline: Friend or Foe (or Both)?

Adrenaline is our culprit for many of the physical symptoms you’re experiencing, including flares of IBS, hot flashes, and nausea. Adrenaline helps us get away from scary events but raises blood pressure, shuts down our

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Light a candle for infancy and pregnancy loss October 15 with Dr. Aoife Earls ND

What to expect with miscarriage

Grief and loss is an intrinsic part of my work, as throughout our lives we experience loss that is a part of living.  No parent wants to lose a child, nor consider the possibility of

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How a suitcase can ruin your health

I am not a therapist. However, as a licensed health professional I spend a great deal of time talking to people about their lives and lifestyles. As there are so many people suffering with chronic

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Low libido? Get back your sexual mojo

You would think that with being trapped inside this winter, that your sex life would benefit, right? On the contrary. Tonight for those on the Rogers network in Mississauga, I’m on Health Matters with Dr

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Daily XY: Coping with her PMS

The DailyXY is a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog that really goes above and beyond just the lighter sides of life. Having been exposed to the daily updates by my boyfriend sharing them with me,

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The Pill: Is it for you?

Most women can appreciate that their menstrual cycle is not the cycle of their dreams, and could use some assistance in being more balanced. Apparently the most tumultuous times of a women’s life are generally

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