Recharging is about stopping...something

Recharging your energy when you have been through a very dif­fi­cult time, are griev­ing from the loss of a job, a friend, a fam­ily mem­ber, part of your­self in some way… is a very dif­fi­cult thing. Not impossible! But dif­fi­cult.

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Hormones and perimenopause: It's not in your head!

As I reviewed a hor­mone pan­el with a lovely woman this week, and then had a con­ver­sa­tion with someone else in the com­munity at lunch regard­ing her men­o­paus­al symp­toms, it hit me: Many women as they approach men­o­pause (peri-men­o­­pause)

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How a suitcase can ruin your health

I am not a ther­ap­ist. However, as a licensed health pro­fes­sion­al I spend a great deal of time talk­ing to people about their lives and life­styles. As there are so many people suf­fer­ing with chron­ic stress, chron­ic fatigue, chron­ic

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Low libido? Get back your sexual mojo

You would think that with being trapped inside this winter, that your sex life would bene­fit, right? On the con­trary. Tonight for those on the Rogers net­work in Mississauga, I’m on Health Matters with Dr

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How to side-step your self-defeating thoughts

So you’re think­ing about adding veg­gies to your diet. Or start­ing to truly exer­cise. Or finally recog­niz­ing your rela­tion­ship with sug­ar is per­haps slightly more obsess­ive than you once thought. It’s a very good thing, see­ing

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Daily XY: Coping with her PMS

The DailyXY is a men’s fash­ion and life­style blog that really goes above and bey­ond just the light­er sides of life. Having been exposed to the daily updates by my boy­friend shar­ing them with me, I have

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The Pill: Is it for you?

Most women can appre­ci­ate that their men­stru­al cycle is not the cycle of their dreams, and could use some assist­ance in being more bal­anced. Apparently the most tumul­tu­ous times of a women’s life are gen­er­ally when

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