Daily XY: Coping with her PMS

The DailyXY is a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog that really goes above and beyond just the lighter sides of life. Having been exposed to the daily updates by my boyfriend sharing them with me, I have been pleasantly surprised with posts on how to be a gentleman, what to do on a date, and the most recent of course, how to cope with her PMS with respect to your female significant other.

Ladies, we all know that having the gift of a menstrual cycle is not always a gift! Our male counterparts do struggle what to do and what to say at this time for us, and this recent blog post with the DailyXY is sensitive, hilariously funny, and real.

I do hope you will all read the original article but what I appreciated most from this blog was as follows:

  1. Our men really do try to be thoughtful and helpful. They don’t know how, and sometimes they need a step-by-step guide. Good to know.
  2. The crazy urges and surges we have are really that – crazy! As I have discussed several times this week with my female patients, it is difficult to be a woman with the estrogen-progesterone cycling, stress hormones, liver congestion…it is truly a miracle that we get through each month!
  3. As women, we need to be understanding of the differences in our menstrual pain. Cramping can be debilitating to the point of vomiting and fainting, and sometimes pharmaceutical intervention is necessary (despite acupuncture and herbs)! Some women are fortunate enough to have a few food-related cravings, and some nothing at all. Let’s ask one another how we can help and not be so judgmental.
  4. We as women need to be kind to ourselves, and kind to our significant others. When I was in my teens and started crying over a pair of socks I could not find in my sock drawer, I realized that something was going on in my body that was not rational, nor always under my control. True, there are many ways to balance hormones. However, sometimes it is what it is. As Jowita from the DailyXY invites, welcome to Period Country!

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