Daily XY: Coping with her PMS

The DailyXY is a men’s fash­ion and life­style blog that really goes above and bey­ond just the light­er sides of life. Having been exposed to the daily updates by my boy­friend shar­ing them with me, I have been pleas­antly sur­prised with posts on how to be a gen­tle­man, what to do on a date, and the most recent of course, how to cope with her PMS with respect to your female sig­ni­fic­ant other.

Ladies, we all know that hav­ing the gift of a men­stru­al cycle is not always a gift! Our male coun­ter­parts do struggle what to do and what to say at this time for us, and this recent blog post with the DailyXY is sens­it­ive, hil­ari­ously funny, and real.

I do hope you will all read the ori­gin­al art­icle but what I appre­ci­ated most from this blog was as follows:

  1. Our men really do try to be thought­ful and help­ful. They don’t know how, and some­times they need a step-by-step guide. Good to know.
  2. The crazy urges and surges we have are really that — crazy! As I have dis­cussed sev­er­al times this week with my female patients, it is dif­fi­cult to be a woman with the estro­gen-pro­ges­ter­one cyc­ling, stress hor­mones, liv­er congestion…it is truly a mir­acle that we get through each month!
  3. As women, we need to be under­stand­ing of the dif­fer­ences in our men­stru­al pain. Cramping can be debil­it­at­ing to the point of vomit­ing and faint­ing, and some­times phar­ma­ceut­ic­al inter­ven­tion is neces­sary (des­pite acu­punc­ture and herbs)! Some women are for­tu­nate enough to have a few food-related crav­ings, and some noth­ing at all. Let’s ask one anoth­er how we can help and not be so judgmental.
  4. We as women need to be kind to ourselves, and kind to our sig­ni­fic­ant oth­ers. When I was in my teens and star­ted cry­ing over a pair of socks I could not find in my sock draw­er, I real­ized that some­thing was going on in my body that was not ration­al, nor always under my con­trol. True, there are many ways to bal­ance hor­mones. However, some­times it is what it is. As Jowita from the DailyXY invites, wel­come to Period Country!

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