Detox Your Body for the New Year!

The hol­i­day sea­son can be described as a sea­son of glut­tony — we use it as an excuse to eat, drink, and be merry –which in itself is no big deal, but after 3 – 4 weeks of this beha­viour, our bod­ies need a ser­i­ous time out!

Asparagus and Fennel Slaw Salad - Delicious Detox - courtesy of Carol Morley
Asparagus and Fennel Slaw Salad — Delicious Detox — cour­tesy of Carol Morley

Dr. Krysten DeSouza is happy to get you out of your rut if you are so inclined; to remind you of what veget­ables look like, water rather than wine, and to say good­bye to boxes of chocol­ates for a little while.

She will be run­ning a detox­i­fic­a­tion pro­gram for cur­rent patients (and new, if you become a patient pri­or to the pro­gram) to get back on track.

What you’ll gain from this experience:

  • energy
  • weight loss
  • bet­ter sleep
  • bet­ter mood
  • improved sense of accomplishment
  • learn­ing easy cook­ing tools
  • pride in your self-discipline!

Here are the details:

Dates: January 16-February 5 2017

Week 1: 15-minute assess­ment with indi­vidu­al­ized detox sup­ports and diet plan

Week 2: A short group work­shop on the prin­ciples of detox fea­tur­ing the Delicious Detox cook­book by Dr. Carol Morley, ND

Week 3: 15- minute fol­low-up assess­ment dis­cuss­ing your pro­gress and how to incor­por­ate into your daily routine.


Cost is $249

Sign up by January 9 and email or

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