Staying in the moment—A Golf Life Lesson


Canada Day was my first time golf­ing on a real course. Sure, I have gone to the driv­ing range to beat a buck­et of balls (and beat is the right word when you are per­fect­ing your golf swing!), but nev­er attemp­ted a full round of golf.

Let me tell you, I was REALLY nervous going on that course. There are rules that I opted not to read about before I went on the course as I relied on Brad, my golf-addicted part­ner, to help me. However, there are sev­er­al things I did not expect:

  1. It is sur­pris­ingly easy to get up in the morn­ing for some­thing fun ( as much as I love my career, a morn­ing per­son I am not )
  2. Golf-lov­ers are patient and a very gen­er­ous group of people. Their love of golf makes them sup­port­ive and kind.
  3. Trees and water on the course seem to have a mag­net­ic pull, which your ball likes to follow.
  4. Tantrums are not just for 2‑year-olds.
  5. It is very easy to lose your ball in plain sight, or take someone else’s ball by accident.

Despite the ups and downs of the day, it was a really bril­liant exper­i­ence. I learned some­thing very import­ant that day, which was shared by sev­er­al golfers when about hole 14 I could not get my swing to con­tact my ball prop­erly. Impatient by nature, I was told “There is only the swing you have in front of you. The swing before is fin­ished, and you have this swing to change your game.”

Unbelievable pro­fund­ity for 10 am. What an import­ant point for us all to con­sider in life also, as so many of us choose to look back­wards and lament over our mis­takes rather than con­sid­er­ing our oppor­tun­ity to tri­umph in the present.

Taking such advice, I decided to calm down, and tri­umph I did. Holes 17 and 18 were my best swings of the day.

A thank you to my golf new friends, and my part­ner Brad, for remind­ing me about an import­ant life les­son that we can always use in any sport or activ­ity we undertake.

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