Hero burgers: My new hero

For those of you who are celi­ac, glu­ten intol­er­ant, or have a glu­ten or wheat allergy, life can seem bleak at times. Wheat is a major part of North American soci­ety, and it can be a pain to get what you need to eat and not just eat a salad and veg­gies every­where you go. Not than I’m not advoc­at­ing veg­gies, but it would be nice to have the occa­sion­al small piece of cake at a birth­day without becom­ing ill, unless of course you have fab­ulous friends as I do who are happy to accom­mod­ate your diet­ary restric­tions. There are now many res­taur­ants get­ting on the glu­ten-free band­wag­on, such as pizza ( Pizza Nova, Pizza Pizza, and Mamma’s Pizza ), pasta at Il Fornello and Milestones, and won­der­ful baker­ies ( Organic Oven, Voila Gluten-Free Bakeree ) that can make life bearable.

The one miss­ing piece of this puzzle for myself has always been ham­burger buns. I have had bur­gers without the bun at res­taur­ants for years now, but at com­mer­cial chains it is unheard of to have an altern­at­ive bun… until now.

Last night I was delighted to exper­i­ence Hero Burgers, an already envir­on­ment­ally-con­scious chain with organ­ic meat and fant­ast­ic bur­ger top­pings and options now offers a glu­ten-free bun for 79 cents more.

My ver­dict?

Fantastic. The bun has poppy and ses­ame seeds, looks like an actu­al wheat bun. Made with a rice flour com­bin­a­tion, my only com­plaint was that I should have ordered the 4 oz rather than the 6 oz as I have not eaten buns with my bur­gers for so long that I for­got how full you feel when you eat a bur­ger with a bun !

This glu­ten-free girl is very, very grateful.

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