Breastfeeding does not a mother make

It’s taken me several months to get the courage to share my feelings on this. This is an emotionally charged topic, and of course, when your own feelings are involved, it’s even more difficult! I was

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Mastering Motherhood

Parenting is a tough job, people. I love my new little man. The love is fierce. But man can it be tough. Being a parent, and a mother is not for the faint-​of-​heart. The role requires much heart. Every single website,

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Detox Your Body for the New Year!

The holiday season can be described as a season of gluttony — we use it as an excuse to eat, drink, and be merry –which in itself is no big deal, but after 3 – 4 weeks of this behaviour,

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Redirection - Accepting Change

This is my last blog post for 2016 before I welcome a new life in to the world for our family in 2017. The changes occurring in our lives with this new life arriving have not been easy, I’ll

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Mindfulness for Everyday Life: The Basics

Calling all beginning meditators! This is a 4 week series introducing basic meditators into different philosophies of meditation: Week 1: Basics of Meditation, the body scan + homework Week 2: Mindful Awareness of Thought — a CBT approach to

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Ode to Summer Fruit

Juicy and delicious Dripping down my hand in your glory Taunting and calling me from your basket Glistening with your sugar crystals A promise of good health Shattered with a sugar crash ~A. Earls Thought for the day: Fruit is dessert…it’s not

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What about an emotional 'cleanse'?

I hear the word ‘cleanse’ a lot as a naturopathic doctor, and honestly, it makes me cringe. Yes, it is true that heavy metals, parasites, poor eating habits, should be supported in the body. Eating well and treating

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Searching for Inner Peace?

Three years ago I embarked on a journey. Burned out from practice and the emotional toll of running my own business and being present for people when they are sick and stressed started to have its effect

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5 things to do to help your thyroid

The thyroid. One of the more confusing glands I felt to understand when I was going through schooling for naturopathy; it is small but mighty, and when it’s not working properly, many things are not in their

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