Mastering Motherhood

Parenting is a tough job, people.

I love my new little man. The love is fierce. But man can it be tough.

Being a par­ent, and a moth­er is not for the faint-of-heart. The role requires much heart.

Every single web­site, blog, news­let­ter scream­ing at you what you *should* and *should not* do. It’s obnoxious.

Here’s a list of some things I’ve found to be invalu­able as I begin this jour­ney, because who wants to read a list of more crap they need to ignore!

Motherhood Mastery with Dr. Aoife Earls ND Naturopathic Doctor in Oakville ON

For the Baby

  1. Throw out those fright­en­ing baby nail clippers
  2. Snuggle your baby
  3. Kiss your baby too much
  4. Don’t for­get to eat
  5. Read par­ent­ing advice blogs and books, and then throw out the books and stop read­ing the blogs
  6. When you place your child on the bed, place them in the middle
  7. When you take them out of the bath, have your tow­el ready. They’re slip­pery little suckers.
  8. Invest in foam shoes or slip­pers. You’ll be sneak­ing around your house like a ninja.
  9. Oil any­thing in your house that squeaks
  10. When people offer to come over and see your baby, drop hints that you have no gro­cer­ies so they show up with food. For the love of god people, moth­ers need foods to eat with one hand.

For the Mum

  1. Get help. Have people come over and snuggle/​walk/​bounce/​whatever to your child (safely) so you can get a break/​snooze/​at a meal with two hands.
  2. Take some herbs for your adren­als (stress hor­mones are pro­duced in the adren­als). Why? Because it’s exhaust­ing mak­ing a per­son and rais­ing one! Check out my blog for adren­al herbs if you’re inter­ested. Some nice ones are Withania, Rhodiola, and Eleuthrococcus. There are herbs that are safe spe­cific­ally for breast­feed­ing that I’ll dis­cuss in anoth­er post.
  3. Drink water/​wine/​coffee and not neces­sar­ily in that order.
  4. Dietary fats (avo­cado, nuts, nut but­ters, fish oils). Super import­ant. Eat them.
  5. Have showers or baths. They feel nice.
  6. Get out­side and move your body.
  7. Do some­thing every day that brings you joy.
  8. Talk/​cry/​vent to friends and loved ones.
  9. Do not attempt to put on your pre-preg­nancy clothes.
  10. Don’t for­get the changes to your­self are the biggest changes you have exper­i­enced to your self.
    Be kind to your­self. You’ll find your way.

Next up on the blog: breast­feed­ing… it’s a B#*@h!

Aside — I just loved the blog Motherly over the last few months. New moth­ers — check it out!

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