What about an emotional 'cleanse'?

I hear the word ‘cleanse’ a lot as a natur­o­path­ic doc­tor, and hon­estly, it makes me cringe.

Yes, it is true that heavy metals, para­sites, poor eat­ing habits, should be sup­por­ted in the body. Eating well and treat­ing the body with respect is always important.

What I don’t hear often enough is, “I’m head­ing to my ther­ap­ist to deal with the feel­ings I’m repress­ing from a trauma I exper­i­enced last year, and I’d like to pro­cess them prop­erly”. Imagine if a friend said that to you dur­ing a cof­fee date! You’d think they were los­ing their minds. In fact, it is a very healthy thing to address emo­tion­al dis­com­fort and neg­at­ive thoughts we have, as they impact our gen­er­al health.

It is won­der­ful that being mind­ful of our emo­tion­al states through med­it­a­tion, mind­ful­ness meth­ods, cog­nit­ive beha­vi­our­al ther­apy, and oth­er meth­ods of self-aware­ness, are now being encour­aged by all health pro­fes­sion­als, teach­ers, and even in organ­iz­a­tions to man­age stress and how we deal with our lives. These tools how­ever should­n’t just be vogue or new and fun ideas. They should be a deeply inter­twined part of how we cope with our lives.

And what hap­pens if we don’t do these things?
Our phys­ic­al health will suffer.
Our body responds to emo­tion­al dis­tress, and will actu­ally cre­ate dis­ease when emo­tions are unable to be pro­cessed, syn­thes­ized, or understood.

Our body is the shell that holds it all togeth­er. It is most often not to blame, but try­ing to tell us that some­thing is amiss in our lives, and we need to find out what that is!

Stuffing down our feel­ings and not acknow­ledging what truly makes our heart soar is actu­ally dam­aging to our health. It it often what forces us to adopt poor health choices (drink­ing, smoking, binge­ing, work­ing too much) to avoid what we are feel­ing. Avoidance is a tool that many of us use to not make decisions, but we need to acknow­ledge that we are only hurt­ing ourselves.

If you are strug­gling with a phys­ic­al symp­tom right now, ask yourself:

Is it pos­sible that there is some­thing lar­ger in my life that I need to address?”


How can I best sup­port my body in sup­port­ing me make this decision?”

You might be sur­prised what you dis­cov­er about yourself.

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