Paying attention to the niggle

Do you ever have a feel­ing about some­thing to find out you are right? But you have no evid­ence (imme­di­ately) to prove it?

This week, my funny feel­ing was about some­thing not being right. Two major things actually.

First, I had my cred­it card com­prom­ised. Second, I found out someone had not been doing their job.

Honestly, I knew both were coming.


I had that nig­gly feel­ing. That weird, puzz­ling, funny in the pit of my gut feel­ing some­thing was off.

My cred­it card felt like a tap. Tap-tap-tap-go-look-at-your-card.

The betray­al was an unease. Something isn’t right. I don’t feel good about this. It feels odd. I need to explore this more deeply.

This “funny feeling” is known as the science of heuristics, what we also know as intuition.

Most people dis­count their intu­ition, even though it can be very help­ful and very pro­tect­ive. That is what it is for. It is meant to allow us to assim­il­ate pieces of inform­a­tion very quickly without us hav­ing to think about all of our options, which at cer­tain times, can be to our detriment.

Why I’m shar­ing this with you is because it is also how I dis­covered my own health crisis 20 years ago. A “some­thing is off and I am miss­ing some­thing” feel­ing. Many people report feel­ing the same way when they sit down in front of me, that they know some­thing is off.

BUT they get scared of the feel­ing at times. They think that the feel­ing is the problem.

I’d like to remind you that this feeling is GOOD.

It’s power­ful. It leads you to get answers, do research, get qual­i­fied help, and elim­in­ate what isn’t right in your life.

So don’t be afraid of the nig­gly feel­ing. Feel the fear, take a deep breath, and dig deep­er. I prom­ise, it will be worth it.

And I did get reim­bursed. Money is back in the account. As for the betray­al, it’s allow­ing me to make room for bet­ter inter­ac­tions in my life. I’m grate­ful for that.

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