Paying attention to the niggle

Do you ever have a feeling about something to find out you are right? But you have no evidence (immediately) to prove it?

This week, my funny feeling was about something not being right. Two major things actually.

First, I had my credit card compromised. Second, I found out someone had not been doing their job.

Honestly, I knew both were coming.


I had that niggly feeling. That weird, puzzling, funny in the pit of my gut feeling something was off.

My credit card felt like a tap. Tap-tap-tap-go-look-at-your-card.

The betrayal was an unease. Something isn’t right. I don’t feel good about this. It feels odd. I need to explore this more deeply.

This “funny feeling” is known as the science of heuristics, what we also know as intuition.

Most people discount their intuition, even though it can be very helpful and very protective. That is what it is for. It is meant to allow us to assimilate pieces of information very quickly without us having to think about all of our options, which at certain times, can be to our detriment.

Why I’m sharing this with you is because it is also how I discovered my own health crisis 20 years ago. A “something is off and I am missing something” feeling. Many people report feeling the same way when they sit down in front of me, that they know something is off.

BUT they get scared of the feeling at times. They think that the feeling is the problem.

I’d like to remind you that this feeling is GOOD.

It’s powerful. It leads you to get answers, do research, get qualified help, and eliminate what isn’t right in your life.

So don’t be afraid of the niggly feeling. Feel the fear, take a deep breath, and dig deeper. I promise, it will be worth it.

And I did get reimbursed. Money is back in the account. As for the betrayal, it’s allowing me to make room for better interactions in my life. I’m grateful for that.

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