Bone Broth: Immune Booster

bone broth easy immune boosting

Strengthen your immune system this cold and flu season with bone broth

Bone broth! It’s the best. What’s so great about it? 
  • We get nutri­ents from anim­als’ bone mar­row and car­til­age that we don’t always make or get in our diets (Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3)
  • Soup broth cre­ated from sim­mer­ing chick­en bones actu­ally has been shown to pre­vent spe­cif­ic immune cells from cre­at­ing inflam­ma­tion (the veg­gies and chick­en act on dif­fer­ent immune cells)
  • Helps man­age upper res­pir­at­ory infec­tions (sinuses etc)
  • Provides pro­tein to rebuild immune sys­tems that are act­ively inflamed
  • Is great for skin and hair
  • Promotes a healthy gut
The list goes on. Even bet­ter, it’s super easy and cheap to make, and I’ll bet every night you have the tools to make a great soup without hav­ing to do more work. Do you eat veg­gies? (that’s a yes, right?) Do you eat meat? Do you have leftover scraps from peel­ing veg­gies and cook­ing chicken/​duck?

The easiest recipe for bone broth ever

  1. For three weeks, col­lect in your freez­er all of the scraps of chick­en bones, car­rot peel­ings, knobs of cel­ery feet, onion ends and skins, herbs (stems and all).
  2. Once you have a decent amount of chick­en car­casses and bits veg­gies, put them all in a very large stock pot (10 – 15 L is ideal).


  • 3 weeks worth of frozen chick­en, tur­key, or duck scraps (3 or more cooked and/​or raw car­casses and bones)
  • 3 weeks worth of frozen veg­gie scraps (car­rot peels, cel­ery leaves and heels, onion skins and ends)
  • 3 weeks worth of frozen scraps of herbs (stems, ugly leaves, was it about to go bad? Great, freeze it)
  • 4 – 5 L water
  • 2 – 3 tea­spoons of sea salt (to taste)
  • 2 – 3 tea­spoons of oregano, thyme, basil
  • 3 – 4 bay leaves


Bring all of the above to a boil. Once boil­ing, bring down to a sim­mer for 4 – 6 hours. If you leave it for longer, that’s fine — you can’t over­cook a bone broth.


Once cooled, strain into ster­il­ized mason jars (care­fully) and store in the fridge.

How to use

Anywhere need stock: soup, gravy, rice/​quinoa/​lentils… just add and enjoy. Your immune sys­tem will have a major party!

Was there a lot of good meat left when you strained the stock? 

Great! Shred, add stock and some rice or noodles. Instant soup!

Thick broth

You will notice that the product here looks quite thick and gelat­in­ous for a “broth”, espe­cially after it cools. Typically broth is thin­ner and stock is thick­er. However, recently what we call bone broth is really a stock, with the focus being bones rather than meat. This gelat­in­ous­ness is from the col­la­gen-rich gelat­in (go fig­ure) which comes from car­til­age break­ing down dur­ing the long slow cook­ing time. The col­la­gen is what we’re going for here.


Reduce waste. Reduce costs. Boost your immune system.

Make it this weekend!

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