Cold and Flu

Sore Throat: Antibiotic or natural remedy?

Warning: This post may con­tain sur­pris­ing opin­ions Happy New Year! I star­ted 2014 with a ser­i­ous sore throat (ton­sil­lit­is) caused by a Strep A infec­tion. Strep throat. For the next 10 days I took Biaxin, an anti­bi­ot­ic. Antibiotics you say? But why?

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Cold and Flu

Soothe your sore throat with herbs

Gentle herbs that soothe sore throats At this time of year with all of us trapped indoors in recir­cu­lated air, get­ting sick is likely. When I have a sore throat, what kind of things do I turn to

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Laughter is the best medicine: Proven!

Clowns Help Children with Respiratory Infections Get Well Faster — Natural Medicine Journal Laughter really can be a part of medi­cine, that body-mind con­nec­tion that every­one talks about but we some­times take for gran­ted. Rather than point­ing out

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What I do when I have a cold?

As a natur­o­path­ic doc­tor, I also am accus­tomed to colds and flu. A sum­mer cold I have not been afflic­ted with for some time, but my sched­ule being crazy cer­tainly was a good recipe for dis­aster. Add a few less hours of

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