Soothe your sore throat with herbs

Gentle herbs that soothe sore throats

At this time of year with all of us trapped indoors in recirculated air, getting sick is likely. When I have a sore throat, what kind of things do I turn to as an ND for myself and my patients?

Slippery Elm

Found as a tea, lozenge, and a powder this herb is a godsend. It soothes inflamed tissue and calms the throat and entire upper respiratory tract. In powder form, slippery elm can be mixed with another tea that you prefer (mint as an example), apple cider, hot chocolate…anything that is slightly warmer will dissolve this very fine herb to be consumed.

Marshmallow Root

Consumed as a tea, this is very gentle on the upper respiratory tract and again, like slippery elm calms down irritation. Caffeine-free, you can have a number of marshmallow teas daily to soothe the throat.


Tastes exactly like the black licorice candy, but has a sweeter aftertaste. Wonderful as a tea that is not only soothing but will help with that fatigue that you can experience when you’re sick and will help with overall recovery. Not great for those of you with high blood pressure; licorice has an ability to elevate blood pressure if you are an individual who is susceptible or are taking blood pressure medication.


Soothing and anti-inflammatory, most are familiar with this tea that is very mild-tasting and can be mixed well with the above herbs.

Are these herbs safe for kids?

Yes, especially if they get frequent tonsillitis or strep throat. You can mix them in other beverages as I mentioned above like apple cider or hot chocolate, and they can be taken with other medications or treatments they may be doing already.

How to make a soothing sore throat tea at home

The best way to consume these herbs is actually to consume them as a combination of one another. Why not add licorice to marshmallow? Delicious, immune-supporting and soothing.

More Complex

Mix several teaspoons of the raw herb together in a straining teapot


Pop a tea bag of each herb of your choosing into a teapot

Infusion (tea) creation

Leave exposed to hot water to infuse for 5 minutes at minimum.

For children over 1 year, add honey to the formula to boost immunity and sweeten to taste. 


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