Soothe your sore throat with herbs

Gentle herbs that soothe sore throats

At this time of year with all of us trapped indoors in recir­cu­lated air, get­ting sick is likely. When I have a sore throat, what kind of things do I turn to as an ND for myself and my patients?

Slippery Elm

Found as a tea, loz­enge, and a powder this herb is a god­send. It soothes inflamed tis­sue and calms the throat and entire upper res­pir­at­ory tract. In powder form, slip­pery elm can be mixed with anoth­er tea that you prefer (mint as an example), apple cider, hot chocolate…anything that is slightly warm­er will dis­solve this very fine herb to be consumed.

Marshmallow Root

Consumed as a tea, this is very gentle on the upper res­pir­at­ory tract and again, like slip­pery elm calms down irrit­a­tion. Caffeine-free, you can have a num­ber of marsh­mal­low teas daily to soothe the throat.


Tastes exactly like the black licorice candy, but has a sweeter after­taste. Wonderful as a tea that is not only sooth­ing but will help with that fatigue that you can exper­i­ence when you’re sick and will help with over­all recov­ery. Not great for those of you with high blood pres­sure; licorice has an abil­ity to elev­ate blood pres­sure if you are an indi­vidu­al who is sus­cept­ible or are tak­ing blood pres­sure medication.


Soothing and anti-inflam­mat­ory, most are famil­i­ar with this tea that is very mild-tast­ing and can be mixed well with the above herbs.

Are these herbs safe for kids?

Yes, espe­cially if they get fre­quent ton­sil­lit­is or strep throat. You can mix them in oth­er bever­ages as I men­tioned above like apple cider or hot chocol­ate, and they can be taken with oth­er med­ic­a­tions or treat­ments they may be doing already.

How to make a soothing sore throat tea at home

The best way to con­sume these herbs is actu­ally to con­sume them as a com­bin­a­tion of one anoth­er. Why not add licorice to marsh­mal­low? Delicious, immune-sup­port­ing and soothing.

More Complex

Mix sev­er­al tea­spoons of the raw herb togeth­er in a strain­ing teapot


Pop a tea bag of each herb of your choos­ing into a teapot

Infusion (tea) creation

Leave exposed to hot water to infuse for 5 minutes at minimum.

For chil­dren over 1 year, add honey to the for­mula to boost immunity and sweeten to taste. 


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