We have forgotten it's okay to be sad.

It's okay to be sad and grieve with Dr Aoife Earls ND in Oakville ON with winter scene and winter path

Life can really suck some­times, and there can be long long peri­ods where things feel very heavy. Grieving the loss of a loved one, or the loss of what you thought things would look like, or the end of a rela­tion­ship is all very dif­fi­cult. The last 6 months for so many people I know and work with has been very rough 💕

There is no timeline for feel­ing “bet­ter”. In some instances, loss isn’t some­thing that we move on from, it’s some­thing we learn to integ­rate into ourselves and go into the world with ten­der­ness and understanding. 

If we don’t give ourselves per­mis­sion to feel the heav­i­ness, dis­com­fort, blah, sor­row, how­ever it mani­fests, then we will not be able to get to the love and under­stand­ing we desire at the oth­er side.

The oth­er side of deep loss and sad­ness isn’t the death of ourselves, it’s birth to a new more lov­ing self that under­stands the com­plex­it­ies of life.

All of it is okay.

As we go into a hol­i­day sea­son that for many reminds of what isn’t there, or brings up com­plex feel­ings about self-care, lov­ing rela­tion­ships, remem­ber that the feel­ings are a remind­er that you are still hon­or­ing parts of your­self that are mov­ing through big things, and the mere under­stand­ing that you can is deeply spe­cial. It is what makes us human, and the dark con­nects us with the joy and love. You’re not alone 💕🥰

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