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7 Quick Hydration tips

Hydration is key in the sum­mer, espe­cially over the next few days: Double the amount of water you nor­mally drink, espe­cially if you are out­side for exten­ded peri­ods of time and sweat­ing. Please do not substitute

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Dr Aoife Earls Oakville Naturopathic Doctor discusses grief and loss

Baby steps in grief and loss: Go take a shower

My first exper­i­ence with grief was the loss of a ser­i­ous rela­tion­ship. While for the best, I was com­pletely dev­ast­ated. I could­n’t stop cry­ing, I could­n’t get out of bed, and I wanted to crawl up and die. It was

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Recharging is about stopping...something

Recharging your energy when you have been through a very dif­fi­cult time, are griev­ing from the loss of a job, a friend, a fam­ily mem­ber, part of your­self in some way… is a very dif­fi­cult thing. Not impossible! But difficult.

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Do you know how to recharge?

Happy September every­one! You have sur­vived the first week back to the “reg­u­lar” sched­ule. The fall is upon us. I’ve been rechar­ging myself this past sum­mer, and as @katenorthrup would call it, using my Egg Wisdom

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Body-Mind Medicine

How to stop being an angry 'ogre'

You’re not an ogre, but you do get frus­trated and the feel­ings over­whelm you. If only there was some­thing you could do to stop feel­ing angry, right? An inter­ven­tion? A pad­ded room so you can throw things

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My happy place_rested

Tired? Me too.

The begin­ning of the colder months, less light, more indoors time. More “back to the grind­stone” kind of working.
I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel heavy.

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Avoiding drama for your physical health

I’ll bet you have someone in your life that causes you stress. A per­son who you feel takes too much from you. Someone who you’re giv­ing and giv­ing and giv­ing, with no end in sight. Your friend whom

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5 things to do to help your thyroid

The thyroid. One of the more con­fus­ing glands I felt to under­stand when I was going through school­ing for natur­o­pathy; it is small but mighty, and when it’s not work­ing prop­erly, many things are not in their

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How a suitcase can ruin your health

I am not a ther­ap­ist. However, as a licensed health pro­fes­sion­al I spend a great deal of time talk­ing to people about their lives and life­styles. As there are so many people suf­fer­ing with chron­ic stress, chron­ic fatigue, chronic

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