Releasing my coffee addiction - a reflection

Has every­one recovered from adjust­ing their clocks for day­light sav­ings? I know I finally have…because that day was the day we decided in our house to release our depend­ence on coffee…cold tur­key. But why you ask? I can

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Can't sleep? Insomniac?

Looking for research for nat­ur­al sup­ports for insom­nia? Click here if you need to read more, for your health and your san­ity! Check out Naturopathic Currents, a new online resource for research-based sup­ports for health con­di­tions

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NMW Day 4: The "magic" of herbal medicine

As natur­o­path­ic doc­tors we are very lucky to be trained in mul­tiple meth­ods of phys­ic­al (and emo­tion­al sup­port). One of these is herb­al medi­cine, and herb­al medi­cine is a dis­cip­line that can help with so many

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Heartburn is just a symptom

Heartburn. Also known as pain in the chest, burn­ing in the throat, pres­sure in the chest, mucous slid­ing in the throat…it has many ways of present­ing itself. Heartburn is not nor­mal how­ever. Heartburn is a symp­tom

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The Multivitamin: Is It Necessary?

As a prac­ti­tion­er, I struggle with the mul­tiv­it­am­in. Why, you ask? In the­ory, the mul­tiv­it­am­in is a good concept. Just as life has pros and cons, ebb and flow, it is dif­fi­cult to eat con­sist­ent quant­it­ies and qual­it­ies

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