Do you know how to recharge?

Happy September every­one! You have sur­vived the first week back to the “reg­u­lar” sched­ule. The fall is upon us.

I’ve been rechar­ging myself this past sum­mer, and as @katenorthrup would call it, using my Egg Wisdom to rest. By nature, I’m an intro­vert (for those of you that are Myers-Briggs junkies, I’m an INFJ — a sens­it­ive, empath­ic, intu­it­ive per­son) and I need to recharge alone and doing the things that bring me back to centre. For me, those things include read­ing about things I’m pas­sion­ate about, swim­ming, bike rid­ing, being out­side, watch­ing fun and light shows on Netflix, sleeping…

Why is that so important?

If we don’t hon­our our needs, we get burned out and over­whelmed. Our feel­ings bubble up (frus­tra­tion, anger, sad­ness) to tell us we’re out of whack. If we haven’t made time to pay atten­tion, we can get phys­ic­ally sick. If we know how to recharge fre­quently (and some­times, for a longer peri­od) we can come back fresh and happy.

Reclaiming your energy in dif­fi­cult times is even MORE import­ant, but you have to know your­self first. This isn’t about what works for your fam­ily or friends — this is about you.

For the next 4 weeks, I’ll be post­ing once a week about dif­fer­ent ways to con­sider that you might need to recharge. By the end, I hope that when you feel over­whelmed and fatigue you’ll be able to use some of the things you have learned about your­self to recharge in the ways that are best for you.

Chat next week! If you have ques­tions or things you want me to address in the upcom­ing weeks, please send a PM and I’ll include answers to the ques­tions I receive.

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