Tired? Me too.

My happy place_rested

Anyone else tired?

Me too.

The beginning of the colder months, less light, more indoors time. More “back to the grindstone” kind of working.

I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel heavy. Like I’m about to hibernate and it’s not a good feeling — not always the cozy feeling — but the drowning and can’t wake up kind of tiredness.

I know I’m not alone here, and I started thinking recently more about the idea of feeling rested.

How do I know what feeling good is when I’m not feeling good? And not the feeling good — how can I make different choices to move away from and choices to move towards? I’m not just talking about moving away from cookies or towards yoga class. I mean in every part of my life, so that experience of “rest” is more everyday, especially in the colder, darker months of winter in Canada.

I came up with a little self-scoring quiz, and honestly, it was illuminating to me. I came to realize that it’s all of the little things adding together that make me feel rested, and if I can do enough of them regularly, I’m tipping the scale towards those things — body mind and heart.

Score yourself if you’re interested! I’d love to see what you learn.

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