Let’s make meditation easier.

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Meditation. It’s become a “buzz” word.

I hear a lot that people have a hard time relaxing and that meditation is apparently the best thing for that.

Could be true… but maybe not? And what kinds of meditation? And how? How long?

I can see why.

So many people on social media, saying so many different things that work for them, and just an excess of chatter overall… it gets overwhelming, right?

Relaxation is important. Not because I “say it is”, but because our bodies and mind actually need to chill — because we function better when we do less — better sleep, better ideas, happier and more fulfilling relationships, just more joy in general.

The trouble is, it’s really hard to just “sit” when your mind is too busy, you can feel more anxious or more emotional… and it’s hard to stick with it to see the benefits. Kind of like exercise, the results take time. When you’re feeling at the brink of a freakout, it doesn’t feel like you have a lot of time, right?

Let’s start at the very beginning.

  1. Learn how to breathe. Check out my free PDF![purchase_link id=”3955″ style=”button” color=”blue” text=”Learn How to Breathe!”]
  2. See? You can improve your breathing in this instant. See? Already winning :)
  3. Download a meditation app. I’m a big fan of Insight Timer – it’s free, and has meditations of various lengths you can try and pick a new one every few days.
  4. Pick a time of day that works for you.
  5. Try to repeat that when you’re having a tough moment.
  6. That’s it!

Pat yourself on the back. If you’re able breathe more deeply, you’ve already meditated.

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