Let's make meditation easier.

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Meditation. It’s become a “buzz” word.

I hear a lot that people have a hard time relax­ing and that med­it­a­tion is appar­ently the best thing for that.

Could be true… but maybe not? And what kinds of med­it­a­tion? And how? How long?

I can see why.

So many people on social media, say­ing so many dif­fer­ent things that work for them, and just an excess of chat­ter over­all… it gets over­whelm­ing, right?

Relaxation is import­ant. Not because I “say it is”, but because our bod­ies and mind actu­ally need to chill — because we func­tion bet­ter when we do less — bet­ter sleep, bet­ter ideas, hap­pi­er and more ful­filling rela­tion­ships, just more joy in gen­er­al.

The trouble is, it’s really hard to just “sit” when your mind is too busy, you can feel more anxious or more emo­tion­al… and it’s hard to stick with it to see the bene­fits. Kind of like exer­cise, the res­ults take time. When you’re feel­ing at the brink of a freak­out, it doesn’t feel like you have a lot of time, right?

Let’s start at the very begin­ning.

  1. Learn how to breathe. Check out my free PDF!
  2. See? You can improve your breath­ing in this instant. See? Already win­ning :)
  3. Download a med­it­a­tion app. I’m a big fan of Insight Timer — it’s free, and has med­it­a­tions of vari­ous lengths you can try and pick a new one every few days.
  4. Pick a time of day that works for you.
  5. Try to repeat that when you’re hav­ing a tough moment.
  6. That’s it!

Pat your­self on the back. If you’re able breathe more deeply, you’ve already med­it­ated.

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