Your Holiday Survival Guide

The last two years have been rough. I know the holidays can bring up mixed feelings, and that’s okay. It’s a time of year where our priorities and the needs of our hearts can be in conflict. The holiday will often bring up:
  • our regrets
  • our pain
  • our self-judgment
  • difficult relationship dynamics
  • pressure and competing interests
  • old stories and memories about ourselves and others
  • financial pressure
  • feelings of abandonment or low self-worth
  • worries around our health and future health
  • worries about the future
There is a lot we can’t control. We can feel wired or completely exhausted. Strong emotion requires a lot of our own physical energy, and so you might need more sleep, or water or even just more quiet alone time.  At a busy time of year where those instincts can be difficult to honour, here’s a short list of my favourite grounding activities when I need to check in with myself, process my emotions, and honour my body:
  1. A quiet time just for you – mine is just before bed for 5-10 minutes, and I do a small body-supported meditation with Headspace.
  2. One body movement practice you can do for 20-30 minutes a few times weekly
  3. Adding one vegetable every day to at least one meal
  4. Adding fibre to your morning. My pick is psyllium husk.
  5. Picking a favourite vehicle or type of water. I like sparkling water, and drink lots of it.
  6. Joy. I choose funny movies and movies that warm my heart!
  7. Nature. Outside time, hearing the wind…that’s my true medicine.
  8. Creative practices. You can rearrange your closet, paint a picture, or put on some nice clothing. Make yourself feel beautiful and appreciated.
  9. A body practice. A nice shower with a nice shampoo can be a simple pick-me-up, or a favourite hand lotion after washing your hands.
  10. A practice of appreciation. I try to remember what good things I have a few times daily, even if that’s something really small. It’s not to replace the challenges I might feel, but to acknowledge good with the challenging.
Then what happens if something rattles me? I give myself…
  1. Permission to feel. Crying, Angry-cleaning, Stomping, Being quiet
  2. Acknowledgment. It’s okay to feel rattled.
  3. Something supportive. A warm tea, a walk, reading a nice book.
Don’t try to change anyone – be with yourself, love yourself, and remember these moments will have good and bad. Have a wonderful, supportive holiday.

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