I’m moving!

You read that correctly!

After 4 years at Trafalgar Ridge, I’m moving my practice down the road to 345 Lakeshore Rd E, Suite 212.

Effective September 29, 2015, I will be receiving you at that location.


Why move? Why now?

As I built my practice over the past seven years, it was always with the goal of practicing in my own space. That time, and space, has come. I’m excited for you to see and experience the new space as it is bright and airy and filled with natural light. There is more space than I’ve had which will allow me to offer more services such as workshops and seminars, as it’s really difficult to do those things in a small space.


For at least the first six months in the new space, I will not be hiring a receptionist. As a result, appointment bookings will be self-serve, using the online booking system I have had in place since 2012, Genbook. If you need to book or change appointments, Genbook is your best option. I will generally not be answering phone calls, but will be checking voicemail a few times daily for more urgent needs.

Make sure you keep the confirmation email when booking through Genbook so you can use the “manage your appointment” link included to change the time and date, or cancel. Please remember that cancellations (or changes) made less than 24 hours before the appointment will be charged 75% of the appointment fee.


In an effort to be more environmentally conscious, as well as more efficient, I will be emailing your receipts to the email address on file. One thing I have noticed over the years is that people lose receipts with high regularity. Emailing them will ensure that you always have a copy for your records, and should even make it easier to submit to your benefit provider when making a claim. The receipt will be sent at the time that you pay, and should be in your inbox before you even leave the office.

Cash Transactions

In the interest of the safety and security of everyone, I will no longer be accepting cash transactions, and that there will be no cash on-site. As always, Interac Debit, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted.


As we all know, parking in downtown Oakville can be a challenge. With that in mind, please note that there are several public lots within a 1-2 minute walk of the building, in addition to available street parking. Also, street parking is free on Reynolds and various other streets closer to the lake. Please be mindful that parking is free for 1 hour during the week in these areas.

Prescription pick-up times.

Custom formulas will be available for pickup at designated times only.

Tentatively pick-up times are: Tuesdays from 3:00-4:00, Thursdays from 6:00-6:30, and Fridays from 12:00-1:00. These times are subject to change, and I will have the schedule posted on my website.

If you know in advance you will need something, please email patients@draoife.com with your request, and I will contact you as soon as it has arrived for you to pick up during the designated times.

Do remember that I will contact you when it is ready. If I have not contacted you, it is not ready. If someone is picking it up on your behalf, please provide that name with your request.

15-minute visits.

For most cases, 15-minute appointments will no longer be available.

To be fair to those who truly need a 15-minute appointment, I will be booking those only myself, and there will be a special online form outside of Genbook for requesting a 15-minute appointment – they will not be available on Genbook. 15-minute appointments will be booked for the following cases only:

  • A new cough/cold/rash that I need to hear/see/touch
  • A quick discussion on a current (within the last 3-6 months) treatment plan
  • I have told you specifically that the next appointment only needs 15 minutes (I will try to book these with you before you leave).
  • A simple prescription adjustment for which I need to see you in person (note: changing a list of more than 4 things will require a 30-minute appointment)
  • A child who has a new/changed infection
  • B12 injections (starting end of October)


Due to a number of factors, I have been unable to carry more than a small handful of products in my office at Trafalgar Ridge. That will start to change at my new Lakeshore location. You will start to see many of my most commonly-recommended supplements available for purchase in my office. No more running around town looking for that thing I just asked you to get! Of course you are free to purchase your supplements wherever you choose, this is offered as a more convenient option for my patients.

Some fun stuff!

Herbal tea and water will be available in the waiting room, along with some other fun things to help us be mindful and calm. :)

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