Plenty More

My husband and I were gifted a totally awesome cookbook for Christmas, and I had to share it: Plenty More; a completely vegetarian cookbook, by Yotam Ottolenghi.

**Admission: I am not a vegetarian, and I am not getting kickbacks or promotion for this cookbook. I had little knowledge of its existence until it arrived in my lap Christmas morning**

So often we get sick of eating the same thing, and we find reasons we can’t add more veggies to our diets. It’s kind of silly, considering all of the research and benefits we continue to uncover with vegetable-heavy diets that we resist adding them more often.

It’s time to get curious, if you are a person who has never had a great relationship with vegetables, or are bored with how you currently prepare them. This can also mean eating the same types of vegetables day in and day out, as that limits our bodies to more varied nutrition, but also our palettes. Plenty More I feel is a worthy tool to re-establish what you consider good and delicious vegetarian food.

And it’s true, not everything in the book is quick to make. There are, however, many easy recipes that are budget-friendly, and time-conscious. It’s really up to you whether you’re going to try something new, and get interested in something new.

I particularly like the title, as the author says himself, there are really so many ways to enjoy vegetables. The combinations are endless, and as he said, there are plenty more options where the book stops.

I also think in our Western world where many of us are so lucky and privileged to have the access to eat well, that we have plenty of options available to us for good health. It’s not to make anyone feel badly when others don’t have those options, it’s to point out that we do have so many, options. When we hear ourselves saying “I have no idea what to do with these things”, it’s time to look outside ourselves with new ideas and creativity!

Time to expand our craniums, as Mrs. Doubtfire says!

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