Plenty More

My hus­band and I were gif­ted a totally awe­some cook­book for Christmas, and I had to share it: Plenty More; a com­pletely veget­ari­an cook­book, by Yotam Ottolenghi.

**Admission: I am not a veget­ari­an, and I am not get­ting kick­backs or pro­mo­tion for this cook­book. I had little know­ledge of its exist­ence until it arrived in my lap Christmas morning**

So often we get sick of eat­ing the same thing, and we find reas­ons we can­’t add more veg­gies to our diets. It’s kind of silly, con­sid­er­ing all of the research and bene­fits we con­tin­ue to uncov­er with veget­able-heavy diets that we res­ist adding them more often.

It’s time to get curi­ous, if you are a per­son who has nev­er had a great rela­tion­ship with veget­ables, or are bored with how you cur­rently pre­pare them. This can also mean eat­ing the same types of veget­ables day in and day out, as that lim­its our bod­ies to more var­ied nutri­tion, but also our palettes. Plenty More I feel is a worthy tool to re-estab­lish what you con­sider good and deli­cious veget­ari­an food.

And it’s true, not everything in the book is quick to make. There are, how­ever, many easy recipes that are budget-friendly, and time-con­scious. It’s really up to you wheth­er you’re going to try some­thing new, and get inter­ested in some­thing new.

I par­tic­u­larly like the title, as the author says him­self, there are really so many ways to enjoy veget­ables. The com­bin­a­tions are end­less, and as he said, there are plenty more options where the book stops.

I also think in our Western world where many of us are so lucky and priv­ileged to have the access to eat well, that we have plenty of options avail­able to us for good health. It’s not to make any­one feel badly when oth­ers don’t have those options, it’s to point out that we do have so many, options. When we hear ourselves say­ing “I have no idea what to do with these things”, it’s time to look out­side ourselves with new ideas and creativity!

Time to expand our cra­ni­ums, as Mrs. Doubtfire says!

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