Our fear of disease is making us sick

When did we become so afraid of being unwell?

Pain, dis­com­fort, not feel­ing well in our body is def­in­itely inconvenient.

We may not be able to enjoy the things we need to, or work, or prop­erly take care of our families.

Some of us are des­per­ate to feel well, and will try abso­lutely any­thing to do that. Which in itself, is very admir­able, because we are really will­ing to listen to what our body is try­ing to tell us to heal.

This will­ing­ness at times how­ever, has a tend­ency to become slightly man­ic. Our minds decide on a timeline for heal­ing, and come hell-or-high-water, we must achieve this state of well­ness, or we will be very frus­trated with our bod­ies, with the things we are doing/​taking/​not doing/​not tak­ing to sup­port them. We get annoyed with ourselves and every­one around us that we’re not heal­ing in the rate with thought we would.

Just notice that “when we thought we would” is really what is get­ting in our way, not actu­ally the heal­ing itself.

So what if it takes 6 weeks rather than 8 weeks?

So what if we have to do a little bit less in order to achieve that? Who is decid­ing what is the right way?

We need to be able to give our bod­ies the kind­ness and care that allows the body to heal at our own rate, and at a safe and tol­er­able rate.

And, shock of all shocks, what if our mind and emo­tions are not ready for our body to heal that quickly? What if our emo­tion­al cop­ing or our men­tal self-talk is actu­ally what is caus­ing some of that phys­ic­al “dis-ease”?

Sometimes what we think is what will get us to well­ness is not at all what will get us well.
It’s the jour­ney of that dis­cov­ery that will allow us to heal, and heal properly.

What is actu­ally quite com­mon in body heal­ing is that we will get a mes­sage “my back hurts”, and in get­ting to the pro­cess of under­stand­ing what is the prob­lem, that anoth­er prob­lem is revealed. An unrav­el­ing in order to get to the true source of “unwell­ness” or so to speak.

A num­ber of mind-body pro­fes­sion­als, includ­ing Jon-Kabat Zinn, Gabor Mate, Bessel van der Kolk, all agree that the body will house emo­tion­al trau­mas, stress, neg­at­iv­ity, poor men­tal and mani­fest those things in the body. The body is the poor ves­sel that alerts us that some­thing is “not quite right”, and we get frus­trated in it, rather than pay atten­tion to the mes­sages. It is in turn­ing to the body and being curi­ous and under­stand­ing what nour­ishes and sooth­ing that we may indeed devel­op a rela­tion­ship with our truest selves.

Start record­ing your body sen­sa­tions and symp­toms. Start ask­ing ques­tions about those health symp­toms to your health pro­fes­sion­als, and get­ting more inter­act­ive and explor­ing what those health issues may be related to, from your whole self. Get curi­ous about your aches and pains, not afraid of them. They have some­thing to teach you! It’s a beau­ti­ful gift.

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