Our fear of disease is making us sick

When did we become so afraid of being unwell?

Pain, discomfort, not feeling well in our body is definitely inconvenient.

We may not be able to enjoy the things we need to, or work, or properly take care of our families.

Some of us are desperate to feel well, and will try absolutely anything to do that. Which in itself, is very admirable, because we are really willing to listen to what our body is trying to tell us to heal.

This willingness at times however, has a tendency to become slightly manic. Our minds decide on a timeline for healing, and come hell-or-high-water, we must achieve this state of wellness, or we will be very frustrated with our bodies, with the things we are doing/taking/not doing/not taking to support them. We get annoyed with ourselves and everyone around us that we’re not healing in the rate with thought we would.

Just notice that “when we thought we would” is really what is getting in our way, not actually the healing itself.

So what if it takes 6 weeks rather than 8 weeks?

So what if we have to do a little bit less in order to achieve that? Who is deciding what is the right way?

We need to be able to give our bodies the kindness and care that allows the body to heal at our own rate, and at a safe and tolerable rate.

And, shock of all shocks, what if our mind and emotions are not ready for our body to heal that quickly? What if our emotional coping or our mental self-talk is actually what is causing some of that physical “dis-ease”?

Sometimes what we think is what will get us to wellness is not at all what will get us well.
It’s the journey of that discovery that will allow us to heal, and heal properly.

What is actually quite common in body healing is that we will get a message “my back hurts”, and in getting to the process of understanding what is the problem, that another problem is revealed. An unraveling in order to get to the true source of “unwellness” or so to speak.

A number of mind-body professionals, including Jon-Kabat Zinn, Gabor Mate, Bessel van der Kolk, all agree that the body will house emotional traumas, stress, negativity, poor mental and manifest those things in the body. The body is the poor vessel that alerts us that something is “not quite right”, and we get frustrated in it, rather than pay attention to the messages. It is in turning to the body and being curious and understanding what nourishes and soothing that we may indeed develop a relationship with our truest selves.

Start recording your body sensations and symptoms. Start asking questions about those health symptoms to your health professionals, and getting more interactive and exploring what those health issues may be related to, from your whole self. Get curious about your aches and pains, not afraid of them. They have something to teach you! It’s a beautiful gift.

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