The Alphabet Series of Naturopathic Medicine

Welcome to the Alphabet Series!

There are so many things to learn about health, and so much we don’t get to talk about together. I have been listening to a lot of videos recently, and just love the short amount of learning that I can attain in a few minutes. I thought you might also want to learn more about how to improve your health, one step at a time.

In honour of Sesame Street (one my favourite childhood programs) I thought I would take a letter of the alphabet, and use it to help explain concepts in health from my perspective.
If you’re interested, the videos will appear on the website weekly in the Watch section.

If there’s a concept/health practice/body practice/mind practice you want me to comment on, please feel free to e-mail me or comment on the blog and I’ll do my best to share my thoughts in my weekly videos!

To your health!

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