I never wanted to be a naturopath

Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor. I grew up wanting to help people heal. As a child, I thought that being a medical doctor was the only way to do that. Of course, there are so many other ways

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Starting spring right: Doing nothing

What are you up to today? Ticking all of the items on your list? Running 30 errands in an hour? Do you feel pride in being able to do the above tasks, quickly, efficiently, and repetitively? Have you

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The simplest stress tip: A deep breath

All of us know how to breathe, but remembering to breathe deeply, is something we often forget to do. Why this is important? When we are stressed out, we take shallow breaths. Biologically, we are trained

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Low libido? Get back your sexual mojo

You would think that with being trapped inside this winter, that your sex life would benefit, right? On the contrary. Tonight for those on the Rogers network in Mississauga, I’m on Health Matters with Dr

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Cold and Flu

Sore Throat: Antibiotic or natural remedy?

Warning: This post may contain surprising opinions Happy New Year! I started 2014 with a serious sore throat (tonsillitis) caused by a Strep A infection. Strep throat. For the next 10 days I took Biaxin, an antibiotic. Antibiotics you say? But why? How could

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Do you have the winter blahs?

For many, Happy New Year turns to SAD in the weeks that follow. January can be an extremely depressing month; either finances are tight due to the holiday season or our waistbands are tight due

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Embracing an imperfect holiday

The holiday season stirs up a lot of emotion for everyone. Reading an article the other day about the pressures of conformity over this next few weeks, I realized whether you are celebrating Christmas, Kwansaa, Hanukkah, or

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3 Ways: Natural Eczema Relief

Winter is approaching, and with it: dry skin. For those of you with eczema or atopic dermatitis, this can be a stressful time because it is hard to know what winter will bring for your skin.

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