7 Quick Hydration tips

 Hydration is key in the summer, especially over the next few days: Double the amount of water you normally drink, especially if you are outside for extended periods of time and sweating. Please do not

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Reducing inflammation during the holiday season

Christmas seasons are tough on those with chronic inflammatory conditions. Hives, rashes, chronic stuffy or runny noses, sinus infections, sore joints…these are all aggravated by foods that create inflammation. But what does that actually mean?

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Mindfulness for Everyday Life: The Basics

Calling all beginning meditators! This is a 4 week series introducing basic meditators into different philosophies of meditation: Week 1: Basics of Meditation, the body scan + homework Week 2: Mindful Awareness of Thought –

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Online Booking brought to you by Genbook

Effective now you can book your own appointments online! There is a new page added to the site called “Appointment Bookings“. Clicking the “booknow!” button will take you to the self-service booking page. You can

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Just common sense

A patient walks in feeling tired. Do they need: A nutritional check An exploration of blood work A referral to a psychologist for their inability to deal with stress A good night’s sleep All of

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