NMW Day 6: Peeling the layers off

I am in the office on Saturday mornings. I enjoy these mornings often more than the regular week because everyone who comes in the door has chosen to spend some of their precious weekend time

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Hives: Not just a quick fix

Hives are itchy, raised bumps (also known as welts and wheals) that appear on the skin after exposure to anything the body sees as foreign. The medical word for hives is urticaria. It is derived from

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Online Booking brought to you by Genbook

Effective now you can book your own appointments online! There is a new page added to the site called “Appointment Bookings“. Clicking the “booknow!” button will take you to the self-service booking page. You can

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Eczema: What your dermatologist won’t tell you

November is Canada’s national eczema month. EASE is an organization that supports eczema awareness in Canada, and tonight they will be having a discussion about what it means to live with eczema. Unfortunately I cannot attend due to

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Just common sense

A patient walks in feeling tired. Do they need: A nutritional check An exploration of blood work A referral to a psychologist for their inability to deal with stress A good night’s sleep All of

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