May's 30X30 Nature Challenge

A huge part of health and heal­ing is get­ting con­nec­ted to our true envir­on­ment. Not the envir­on­ment we cre­ate for ourselves inside, but being with nature.

The David Suzuki Foundation has star­ted the 30X30 chal­lenge; 30 minutes of nature for 30 days of May. The health bene­fits of being in nature are pretty vast, but pre­lim­in­ary data shows a decrease in anxi­ety and depres­sion, improved con­cen­tra­tion, improved men­tal out­look, and decreased blood pres­sure as a few things to con­sider. We spend so much time being dis­con­nec­ted indoors, con­nec­ted to our computers/​phones/​televisions, and we for­get that we are also anim­als who need to be in nat­ur­al surroundings.

I star­ted three days ago, and had a nature walk on a trail, a bike ride, and a full moon sit on my bal­cony. It’s really amaz­ing that only after 10 minutes that wor­ries and cares no longer seem as big a deal, because we’re present with what is actu­ally import­ant and mira­cu­lous. I saw some ducks hav­ing a little dis­agree­ment with one anoth­er, and it made me laugh. It does­n’t really mat­ter who you are — every­one gets a little cranky at times! The nat­ur­al per­spect­ive can be refresh­ing to our state of mind. ducks

I’ll be snap­ping pics and post­ing on my Twitter and Instagram with the 30X30 Challenge #NatureIsCalling. I look for­ward to see­ing some of your beau­ti­ful shots over the next few weeks!

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