May’s 30X30 Nature Challenge

A huge part of health and healing is getting connected to our true environment. Not the environment we create for ourselves inside, but being with nature.

The David Suzuki Foundation has started the 30X30 challenge; 30 minutes of nature for 30 days of May. The health benefits of being in nature are pretty vast, but preliminary data shows a decrease in anxiety and depression, improved concentration, improved mental outlook, and decreased blood pressure as a few things to consider. We spend so much time being disconnected indoors, connected to our computers/phones/televisions, and we forget that we are also animals who need to be in natural surroundings.

I started three days ago, and had a nature walk on a trail, a bike ride, and a full moon sit on my balcony. It’s really amazing that only after 10 minutes that worries and cares no longer seem as big a deal, because we’re present with what is actually important and miraculous. I saw some ducks having a little disagreement with one another, and it made me laugh. It doesn’t really matter who you are – everyone gets a little cranky at times! The natural perspective can be refreshing to our state of mind. ducks

I’ll be snapping pics and posting on my Twitter and Instagram with the 30X30 Challenge #NatureIsCalling. I look forward to seeing some of your beautiful shots over the next few weeks!

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