My new appreciation for the word detox

I have always hated the word detox.

My distain for the word in part came from how people abuse the word detox. I have no objection with the biochemical phases of detoxification in the liver, and what they are meant to do. Without them, we would be dead.

Most people decide that detox means to starve their bodies of nutrients, dehydrate themselves or by giving themselves a colon blowout, literally, to rid the body of things that it might be holding onto.

Detoxification is truly just allowing the body to do what it does already – giving the liver an opportunity to add water molecules to undigestable materials, send those materials into the colon and/or through water via the kidneys and bladder.

With my new changes to my diet, I have been delving into my cookbooks and enjoying the new and old recipes I have been finding. This also included pulling some recipes and guidance from a colleague Carol Morley’s cookbook called Delicious Detox, a book designed to guide someone through clean and healthy eating for a few weeks. I have to say, I have been quite enamoured with this book.

The reasons I am enamoured with book are simple:

  • Delicious Detox outlines the most healthy diet we should all follow
  • It takes very little time to prepare the ingredients
  • She gives guidelines on pantry stocking (herbs and spices, sugar substitutes etc) so it is literally fool-proof
  • She is practical and cost-conscious. Having myself been gluten-free for many years before including the other allergen considerations I have (egg, dairy, soy, almond) I am familiar with inexpensive places to get my ingredients for flour at the Bulk Barn as an example, and for those of you wanting to embark on a journey of improved health, cost can be a factor. Carol simplifies this for you.
Buckwheat Blueberry Pancakes - they were great!
    Check out this quick and simple way to improve your health. I had a pleasant experience with the word detox in this context! Thanks for sharing your recipes with us Carol!

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