I'm a Vegan, with a side of meat

I have had a known wheat allergy for many years. In the past, I have also respon­ded very well to an anti-inflam­mat­ory diet (no wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, pork, cit­rus and night­shade veget­ables and any­thing pro­cessed with lim­ited sug­ar unless maple syr­up, honey, or agave nec­tar) how­ever as most of you can attest, it can be a chal­len­ging diet to adhere to long-term if you are not in fact sens­it­ive to all of those items.

Before the Christmas hol­i­days, I myself had not been feel­ing my best self, and attrib­uted it to a busy sched­ule and a nasty cold. However, I developed a nasty case of hives over the break sim­il­ar to Will Smith’s exper­i­ence in Hitch… and decided per­haps it was time to re-test myself to see if my immune sys­tem had changed.

Lo and behold, I dis­covered that my body has star­ted some new revolu­tions against some of the com­mon foods to which I hold dear. Severe anti­body reac­tions I not only have to wheat but to egg and dairy pro­teins, as well as soy, pork, almonds, car­rots, cel­ery, sun­flower, and cit­ric acid (a pre­ser­vat­ive made with Aspergillus spp (yeast) used in pre­par­a­tions of veget­ables and fruits often in cans or jars, even if organ­ic). A bit of a shock. Not a huge shock, but a shock non­ethe­less.

What to do next?

On reflec­tion, I real­ized my new diet is actu­ally Vegan, but with meat (organ­ic chick­en, fish, and tur­key with mod­er­ate amounts of organ­ic red meat) instead of soy. Vegan diets (without meat of course in the truest of defin­i­tions), if done prop­erly with the right pro­por­tions of pro­tein com­ing from veget­able sources, are high in essen­tial nutri­ents, good fats and oils, and just make good com­mon sense for the body. I have always enjoyed vegan cuisine and would often choose vegan meals when pos­sible just for the health bene­fits.

My take home learning points

Just when you think you have it figured out, someone will change the rules.

An old dog can learn new tricks.

The body con­tin­ues to awe and amaze. Getting out the bad and in the good is an exer­cise of self-con­trol, but with will is always pos­sible to do. The ques­tion of course is as always, are you ready for the changes your body is scream­ing at you to make?

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